Why is the sanctuary so big?


It doesn’t need to be nearly as big as it is.

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It does seem to be excessively large to me as well.

so the SAWport can fit more cams, duh


Agree, it’s too large for my preference. It’s quite uncomfortable to see that the heroes are so small compared to the base, but honestly it’s just something we have to get used to.

What is the sanctuary? And that 30 chars limitation is weird lol

Why it doesn’t have shop?! Items wrom nowhere look wierd.

Are you able to purchase while anywhere in the map?

There are two river shops, one northwest of and one southeast of the river. They’re marked by balloons. You can buy items when you are in range of them.

nope that’s exclusive to ml bing bong

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So that the art team can show off their cool sanctuary design


I mean in Halcyon Fold we had shop in sanctuary, no we don’t have shops (we can’t see them)

Maybe you can help me understand what the OP is saying, since I haven’t been on the new map. Are there designated areas to shop but no visual of the “shop” itself?

PS: hi left.

Just no shop visually in the sanctuary. The map needs more work, but it’s quite good looking.

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@justmikewilldo No, you can’t shop from anywhere on the map. There is the Sanctuary (or base), which has no visual of a shop in it, but you can buy items. There are two river shops along the river, marked by balloons, as well.

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Hi, I have a real name this time lol

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I noticed! I actually had the same thought upon seeing it lol

The place you appear when you recall and heal up @Mavockin

By sanctuary do you mean the entire base or the fountain? (Heals you damages enemies if they enter)

So much room for activities!

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Maybe they’ll hold a party there soon!

I mentioned it a while back actually, haha. No explanation.