Why is Reza still so OP?

Just my observation, in all the 5v5 match, there is at least a Reza, and they would all have the same Aftershock + Stormcrown build. Always bully other carry with that skill shot without the need to build anything. He’s really tanky and mobile because that’s all the attack item he needs. Katherine cannot reflect his damage for some reason, he can just ult in range of turret if it attack him and get out of jail for free. Why can something like this can still happen? Is he a Support or a Carry or a Tank? What the hell is he because right now he’s all 3 of those things. A defense nerf and cool down hikes on all of his abilities would be a good way to start.

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I’m not sure he’s as OP as you’ve said but he certainly seems to not have a clear roll as he does so much so well. I could see tuning him down a bit, but I’d like to see a few other heroes tuned first.

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HAahahaahahahhahahahahahahaahaha reza op lel not even close
he is so bad against tanks its not even funny


He is NOT OP! Buy defense, don’t overextend and you’ll be fine. How can he support if he has literally 0 utility??

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Yes yes, everyone is OP. Like i said earlier. In the end there will be 37 threads on all 37 heroes being OP.


He’s not OP anymore. At least not like he was with lower dash cooldown. His perk damage could be lowered a little but his main issue is unless he has his ult up, he can’t engage more than one enemy at a time, and he has to snowball. A little powerful? Yeah. OP? I dunno about that.

And he is horrible against tanks unless you give him AC, BM, AS, AND DE, so there’s that.

Reza is one of the heroes (along with Grumpy) that I just can’t seem to play actually. I am so used to poking and kiting in all my mains that I just A, B in, basic, B out. Rarely do I drop an ult.

Tips on becoming “OP” as OP suggests? I can’t seem to get the kite mentality to go away (yes, I can dive - I wreck with heroes like Alpha, Rona, and Taka but who doesn’t)

i love reza so here’s some tips
my build is something like AS SG BM aegis filler boots (war threads if i need more bulk, journey otherwise.)
early game he clears terribly, if you wanna get sgb sure, but building it into a sc is a waste, you only need earlygame clear speed, try focusing on farming (i’m assuming this is jungle), since you don’t deal major dmg pre-AS

once you have AS AND ult, you’ve hit a huge powerspike, you deal burst, and since it’s only midgame they probably haven’t gotten defense.

the way i play him is getting his A to hit my target, move in with dash, basic attack, rinse and repeat. his ult i usually use more as an escape tool, but can be used offensively, just think of it as taka’s A, it cleanses all debuffs ans giives you a window of invincibility.

your power drops off byy the time they get aegis, but if all was well, you killed the enemy laner a couple of times to make them behind.

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Get an AS As many have mentioned, as well as BM. I personally go for CW too because it gives him his ult fairly often, and I go for DE, because you can poke with his A to build stacks. Use your ult when you’ve got a group of enemies fire started, or to pounce an enemy who has dashed away. Reza becomes OP with items. I suggest double defense over boots, and using CW and and overdriven B to supplant the boots. If you max his ult, it can be almost as good as an overdriven B, but it’s slower & easier to telegraph/set you up for a stun. The good thing about maxed ult with CW is that you get it back almost every 11 seconds, as opposed to 16, which gives him insane dmg potential, but you’re slower without overdrive B.

I’m gonna post the rest 36 threads

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