Why is everyone so hostile towards Joystick?

DISCLAIMER: No name calling. Only debate. I do not want to turn this into a metaphorical slug fest

Not going to point any names, but in Twitter I have seen a lot of negative feedback just due to joystick simply EXISTING in VG. I do not see the problem of joystick just as long as we do not see changes to touch screen controls just to balance the two out. We have MnK for crying out loud might as well bring EVERYONE in tbh. We will not be noticing any difference towards our control experience in the slightest, so I think the elitist and extremely exclusive behaviour towards another control scheme preferred by SOME is kind of childish and makes the community look bad. In fact, look at it like this. AoV has a switch port coming. Imagine VG, with the best of both worlds in control coming to switch taking full advantage of not only the touch screen, but the JOYCONS as well!!! This is nothing but positive and even if you do not like joystick controls myself included it does not take anything away and only opens up a potential switch port even more.


VG is the only mobile MOBA in the market with touch controls, of course someone has to be an ass about it.
These snobs.

Because VG communitty thinks they’re special because VG has touch controls. Honestly idc aboit this joystick stuff as long as the quality and difficulty is the same.

This pretty much sums it up. SEMC bashes joystick controls and says it is inferior to touch contols but doesn’t stand their ground, as a business owner I chose my products and would never stock something I hate. Why you might ask very simple because I refuse to sell trash just because it is popular. Instead I inform people about my products and why I sell them instead of others. I don’t bash them instead give them information, which means keeping an open dialogue with them and all I buy from. First 3 years I had to work an extra job and take no salary until a combination of marketing, being active in my local community involving my product, and word of mouth.

When I tried a joystick Moba instantly I felt like gaming went in reverse. Part of the appeal to me of vainglory is skill level


I don’t want joystick controls not because I have anything against them in particular, I will never use them. I just don’t want my soloQ teammates to use them and feed.

Golden rule of soloQ: expect the worst out of your teammates.


Let’s please stop bashing the community members who are against adding joystick controls. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and attacking a person rather than their position is a sign that you don’t have much to support your own opinion or you don’t know how to argue your point.

Either way, my tolerance for members attacking people (even in general terms) for having differing opinions is decreasing rapidly.


I’m not attacking anyone. Just the notion that joystick controls are the spawn of the devil. If there is a part of my post that seems otherwise lemme know tho

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Lol, I didn’t mean you specifically. I was making a general remark. Sorry if it appeared to be aimed in your direction!


O ok lol

Thanos is the main villain


There are 3 parts to it. IDK how to use twitter so sorry if it’s hard to find.

I’m not plugging my twitter, I’m just too lazy to type it all out again. Plus, this was a response to a similar question.


it’s because of the FEAR of the UNKNOWN.

more pictures, more information would make much of the hostility calm down. Right now the word “joystick” has blown up some minds.
it is hard to comprehend, without more information, preferably with pictures and videos.

the news created too many unanswered questions. They should at the very least provided more detail in such a sensitive subject.

Allowed in ranked? Auto-aim? (answered). impact on future development? (answered) and many more i can’t think right now… point is, questions need answers.

hostility can be seen as “highly emotional”. I’m not surprised by the reaction. it means players care about the game, so I see it as a positive, even if it creates alot of debate.


A good supermarket stocks multiple brands of a particular product in order to bring in as much customers as possible, it makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint.

SEMC has said a lot of things in the past and they’ve gone back on a lot of the things they have said as well. The world of business is dynamic and tactics and viewpoints will change if it is projected to be beneficial to the business.

The best part? It is optional, this change is 100% positive in my eyes.


Yes and no a business that doesn’t stand by it’s core will always fail. Recently a couple competitors of mine went under due to adding products that were not made in the standards the company said they set. Trust is the key to a successful business if your long term customers lose it your company will fail.

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I’d really like to try playing with a REAL joystick, like on an XBox or PS controller … on screen joysticks kind of suck, but I might feel really differently with an actual controller in my hands.


There is a way to do that

So I’ll just leave this here


It really does depend on the business and the nature of the product.

We are talking about adding more control options to the product, which improves accessibility of the game itself.

In this context, the decision will surely be an advantage. I mean, how many times have we heard stories of people failing to convert their friends to vain because of the lack of joystick controls?

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I get people don’t like joysticks and yes it goes against what semc may have said before, but they’ve clearly changed, nothing is set in stone. I don’t really like virtual joysticks too much but hey if it’s decent I can play on my phone and it’s optional, they’ve changed a lot to get new players, honestly think this was expected

Yes but a company making a system they don’t like will mean the system will be like guilds made than oops sorry it is good enough

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Was my post really that offensive? I get the other ones but damn calling someone lazy is worthy of censorship?


Imagine VG on switch tho. That would definitely grow the playerbase Pretty sure it would