Why ignore Ozo?

Ok, I’m not like one of those who always whine about Ozo’s skin every time a new skin release. But at least can you tell us why Ozo never has any new skin after years? I’m just very curious, and a little bit feel sorry for Ozo actually.
Is there a dev here that can answer it? No BS answer though. Just be real to us.


Hi, SEMC Dev here

Ozo was a mistake. We’re trying to get people to forget about him but honestly it doesn’t seem to work.

Please stop thinking about Ozo.


A real-life SEMC Developer


Celeste and skaarf need a couple more skins before ozo can even begin to think about getting anything new

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Because Celeste and Catherine still need more skins duh

Celeste should have a skin where her staff is a giant butter knife covered in peanut butter, and her stun animation is a jar lid opening up on the ground - you get stuck in peanut butter.

Instead of stars they can be little peanuts on the ground that explode.

Her ult is a wave of peanut butter.


She can feed me her peanut butter anytime

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Her ult wave is flinging jell obviously

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Though Ozo without a decent skin is annoying…

Lorelai has absolutely nothing …

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Wrong - she’s Lorelai! What more could you want!?

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A sexy mermaid skin of course

Make nosebleeds happen while she is played

That’s the last thing I want for her… Would be the cheasiest skin ever…

Go full on Churn Naga…

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You know what go full on squid mode

@Satanicsoldier @Xaldarian Best of both worlds: Ursala-type skin. We’re already on Disney with the Alice in Wonderland theme.