Why I stopped playing Vainglory

I can’t even remember the last time I played Vainglory in earnest–more than just a BR or a casual match to see how much the game has changed.

I still feel like I’m very attached to Vainglory.
I very much want to play Vainglory and I want to see Vainglory succeed as a game because I truly believe that it is one of the best games I’ve ever played.
But that Vainglory–the beautifully crafted game that I fell in love with the instant I started playing it and the Vainglory that I still want to play as I write this–is gone forever.

I guess now I’ve just accepted that it’s never coming back and now I have no will to stick around and wait for it to return.

I’ll still be around the Forums and Reddit, like I have been for the past few months, but I’m just not interested continuing to pretend to enjoy and love the empty shell of this once-vibrant game.

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See you in two weeks


And where are your reasons?



No reasons were stated…

Also it hasn’t changed much, at least for worse. Gone for the better mostly.


I take breaks from VG alot so i dont get burnt out on playing it too much. When im getting bored or on a loss streak in vg, i usually turn to AoV. Yes, Aov might be a little crappy but the short Q times and other modes entertains me. Besides that AoV is 30x more toxic than Vg.


Edit your title, seems to suggest our going to offer up a reason why you’re not playing…

He said it changed and not the vainglory he once loved , so it count as a reason , good luck popcorn

I am not playing much rn cause apparently my device is not supported, which probably contributes to the immense amount of crashes I have been receiving lately kek

Which device are you using? Just curious

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