Why hasn't Gwen's A been fixed?

The same audiovisual bug still persists.

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They just fixed ozo bug , they need 2 more years to fix Gwen A and Samuel B


Samuels B bug is kinda occasional though. I mean i get it barely idk about you

i literally see it in every samuel game


Lets just say that semc makes alot of mistakes

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Wow your device sucks or you just have badluck lol

Theres a bug with all directional abilities like kes A, gwen A, vox C etc. They all seem to point to the left even though i am using it to the right or any other direction for that matter.

Joystick? or Maybe you’re tapping too close to your hero icon?

Not to mention immortal Alpha bug

In have that too @slothslayerlawl . I just turned off the pre-cast marker in settings. No more line for precise aim but also no confusion about where I’m aiming due to that bug.

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They secretly like it the silent invisible buck shot.

B’cuz it’s cool, and that is the technical terminology used. :wink:

Fun Fact: wearing a Hat will fix it.

You win the internet today.

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I don’t really understand why the even implemented the change if they are going to revert it two days after.

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They saw they destroyed 3v3 with that change. According to Zekent, the intention was to see how the meta reacts to that change.

Could have easily made it exclusive to 5v5. If they thought about 3v3 and how it works it’s really obvious that something will go wrong. Too bad they don’t play test patches.

If you download the hotfix that bug with the aiming is fixed

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not joystick. Like when you tap on kestrel utl, a line comes. That line moves where you want
but it isnt moving now. Oh wait. Maybe that line isnt supposed to come and comes only for joystick. But due to some bug the joystick line is overlapping with the normal touch controls?

No I see that line too on most abilities, I think it’s meant to be there. I haven’t had that problem though, it does seem a bit weird

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Go to the settings and click (cast abilities thing)
The game is giving direction for new players , but as an old player you don’t need the direction just cast abilities directly without showing me direction .

And it’s actually make your ability damage quick because this direction thing make abilities cast after a delay .

ohhh thanks!

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