Why don't people take the dragons?


I don’t get it. It seems so simple. Just take them before the enemy does. It’s pretty straight forward. Don’t converge on a base with three turrets and five enemies. They have a tremendous advantage in their base. And if the team dies they’ll take the dragons.

Holy shit, it’s ridiculous!

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Because ghostwing might seem lackluster for a lot of people and they don’t use its buff properly and just farm with the buff on. Blackclaw will usually die before it reaches turrets after 20 mins,so its just free gold for the enemy team and people don’t understand to push side lanes at that time. The only reason why I take the dragons now is because I don’t want the enemy team to pick it up or if we have 4 men down in the enemy team and just mid armory/final turret remaining.

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That’s exactly why you take Black Claw, and to have something to tank the turrets. Or you take Ghost Wing, or you split push, or you farm the enemy jungle. You don’t just take black claw and run around in circles.

Black Claw gives your team momentum in he late game because he forces your opponent to react to him.

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All of your posts should be moved to the salt mine. Quit crying…

You need to take a break. You’re super tilted…


I am tilted and I am taking a break till 3.1. 5v5 in its current state with the current player base is a devastator.

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Man check your games on vgpro. It was fixed in the hotfix. You play with players around your tier now. All mine have been the same tier, one below, or above. It’s actually pretty balanced now.

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