Why doesn't SP Phinn count as a SP skin for the new event?

Is the event broken, or is it because its’s a cheaper skin? I can’t complete the event right now without paying ridiculous amounts of money, and I think it’s some more BS to exclude one of the SP skins for no good reason at all.

(All content available for f2p my ass)

What’s up with the Summer keys? When will they be available for f2p???

You just have to use heroes with summer party skins you don’t need the skin fyi.

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What?? That’s so confusing. Still, where is Phinn?

I don’t know, I not dev…

its not. just carefully reading the task is all you need to do. (jk, its confusing as hell. whoever thought of this needs to stop drinking)
but the entire list is really weird imo. you cant do it for free, if you dont already own a t3 skin.
they just forgot to put him in the mix or they left him out, because he wasnt part of the event that could get you the krul, saw and kestrel summer skin. the rest was propably an after thopught after realizing that this stuff needs to be doable for at least a few f2p players.

i really dont understand semcs events. they are acting more as a reason to NOT play the game, than getting people to open the app…


Thanks for pointing that out… 'would have never realized it otherwise. Now all dem 0peLz r belong 2 meh!

Exactly I feel the extremely short amount of time to do them and their sudden appearance makes me not want to do the event. Even though I actually liked the concept of the ride or die Skye event it was so short and out of nowhere it really discouraged me from doing it and so I just didn’t want to play the game.


It’d be nice if SEMC made designated, monthly events, or at least announce what events would pop up in this certain timeframe. I also dislike the “suprise” factor of it.


dont forget the extremely short time. 10 bot games a 4 min, 15 blitz a 5 min, 10 5v5 a 20 min = 315 min.
i have basically 3 days for that, so almost 2h each day minimum. that is asking for a bit too much imo.
i know that they do that to pressure the players into buying stuff, but for me this has the opposite effect. i would rather not take part in this marathon during the week.