Why does SEMC wait to release all the info on the update til it arrives?

I don’t understand why SEMC doesn’t hype anything up anymore. Why where the epic Reza and legendary Grace skin both brought up in the market out of nowhere when they’re two of the best skins ever provided? Where’s the hype for the new heroes? I just feel like everything is thrown at us at once when the update drops and it makes everything seem less significant, especially when we can just read the patch notes and figure out the new skins. I like the idea of the events and challenges to keep the game fresh but I think hype for skins and heroes would be cool too.(like before)


Yeah it’s really weird that the next update is coming in a little over a week according to the season countdown (unless they extend it ofc), and they haven’t made any hero/skin teasers or even said ANYTHING about Origins Idris


They usually say/do stuff on wednesdays, so just wait a day

I just realized how right u are, i remember the hype/introduction for Wuxia Ozo compared to Tea Party grace. Big difference imo