Why do people think i am trolling when I am using CP grace as jungler?

AS, SG, CW ,CP(capacitor plate) ,boots and reflex duh.

Her cp path is a cancer as well as wp only except that CP path requires smart positioning and aiming as her B does eliminate a huge chunk of health… and her cool down in late game is crazy especially her ult… which goes as low as 17sec… and her heal goes up to 1500+

To be honest, ths is the build I wanted to go for grace as captain… no fountain tho but…
wack and beat people 5 times and you will heal another alley

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Because it is off meta… People only know two builds on her. Its like going WP Celeste from their perspective…

Even though it is rather viable except for your low base attack damage compared to wp…


or WP sam! WP sam is actually toxic. auto attack and perk cooldown with TT is faster.

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I played her CP top lane a few times yesterday. Went AS+DE for damage (since she hangs in long enough for DE to stack), Capacitor Plate and Rooks Decree for defense/utility (with AS they max her cooldown, but I’m not positive of how good RD is on her since it most often procs off her A and that shields everyone anyway), and Journey Boots+Pulseweave for zoom zoom.

I won’t use DE and she won’t be snowballing like wp grace. Just AS SG CW! 3cp items + huge damage + low cooldown. rook degree is more better on captain grace than cp grace tho you should get capacitor plate no matter whT

Do you still feel CW is worth building? i don’t… Compared to other cd items it offers very little other stats. And the important cooldowns are capped at 3s…

Also in general cd is now capped at 45% so AS CPl are the main two which just leaves one…

well… yes and no
yes because 17 sec cooldown on ult and heal your teammates quickly and yourself too. i mean that’s the perk of it. without cw it’s 22sec but that’s 30 which is fine too.

no because like you said, it offers little stats

but I guess i prefer to be safe? 1500 heal on your heal and your team is on advantage again. it takes 5 aa attacks and your heal is ready again for yourself or captain. Even using A or B abilities too

How about Stormcrown, SG, AS, Boots, Capacitor Plate, Aegis

it works but I rather replace SC since it’s nerfed

Cause cp Grace doesn’t offer any jungle pressure, very low clear speed and not much damage pull off ganks until you get items. Not saying cp Grace is bad but if you wanna play Grace as an utility focused pick you should go top cause junglers need clear speed and early game pressure. So don’t wanna be rude but cp Grace jungle is the kind of pick i would have dodged last patch.


Oh nevermind it’s top CP Grace build

in 3v3, she can go as jungler. In 5v5, depends on drafting. I can go top CP grace or Jungle Grace…

Does it needs to offer jungle pressure? I mean yeah Junglers loves to invade their territory and steal their buffs and golds hoping not to get spotted. But I feel like Jungle grace in late game is quite powerful if played well too…

By that argument you should build a TT on her over CW. CW only triggers on her A and B skill hitting.

TT increases your attackspeed and each hit reliably lowers your cd.

Or Alternating current for that same matter.

CW is dead imo…

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Junglers should be strong in the early, their whole purpose is to apply pressure in lanes cause the enemy jungler certainly will and if you can’t match that aggression lanes will lose and therefore lose the game. So playing a hero in the jungle to become strong late game is pointless, even if you get your items it will be too late cause your lanes are too far behind.

Replace SC with AC? To make the basics deal aoe damage?

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I meant CW lowers the cool down of all abilities which only requires 5 AA attacks to refresh the ULT.
That was the only purpose I wanted CW. Faster healing. SG and AS already does so much damage with her A and B. CW is just for ult cool down.

I guess my build is wrong

You deal minimal dmg even with AC anyway so SC would have been better with her already insane wave clear

I think CP grace can handle the jungle pressure. She can push the bottom lane with a bot laner.
I should play more rank match in 5v5 as CP grace… She can be worked around…

A bot lane wp Ringo will kite you to infinity and back though…