Why do people play 5v5?

Serious question no saltmine.

There appears to be no matchmaker in 5v5. The influence you have on winning or losing the match depends on your team mates for 60+%

RNG decides who wins and who loses.

Most matches are giant snowballs. When someone afks a bot takes over, in several cases I found it to be an improvement on the player who left.
Enemy can now bot farm.

If you are winning you just beat some very low rank players who don’t understand the game.

There is no fun to be had on either side.

3v3 ranked with all its mess is better than this and it saddens me.


I played 5v5 just to get those daily 5 talent coins and collect a few glory.

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Because standard 3v3 will basically be dead next patch and removed within a year, and to increase 5v5 ranked mmr when it releases next patch.

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There is no mmr in casual. If there was the matchmaker would not be this garbage!

My matches are getting better rank wise, although still filled with feeders, and there is no confirmation that casual has no mmr, so better play safe.

because people have been waiting for this for months, maybe years

my experience has been fine but then again I’m low tier so it’s not that frustrating getting other low tiers in my matches

Nice grammar, could not understand you. Can you repeat that phrase please?

You know what mmr is?

They forgot to add it to 5v5 casual…

Because 3v3 is a broken mess atm. That and because idk about you but my matches are sorta balanced since the matchmaking fix. Usually teammates know how to ‘play properly’ and if they don’t, i don’t mind as I’m still learning the mode myself. Don’t remember the last time I’ve seen an afk.
There’s usually that one odd T6 guy around us PoA-VGs but it’s far better than it used to be

Just as a factual point -every game mode has an MMR - otherwise matches couldn’t be made.

all modes have a match making formula as well which govern how a match is made - 5v5 matchmaking is considerably more complex than 3v3 and was as others noted bugged.

There has since then been continous tweaks and improvements to matchmaking in 5v5 (this is why everyone should rate the match quality this is used as feedback on those tweaks).

Ironically you can tell the matchmaking is improving because assuming you are an above average player your winrate will be coming down - I was at a winrate of 93% while the matchmaker was totally borked - I am now down to a mere %79 and it will no doubt keep dropping.


My matches are horrible! I got 3 feeders and an afk this morning.

0/8/0 no joke…

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i had the same. feeders and afk in the morning.

Even so, i don’t blame bad matchmaking. Looking at matchmaking in the entirety of the history of my 5v5 games… it’s doing pretty well, bar those at odd hours of the day.

Remember, playing at odd hours increase your chances of bad match ups. this is what i’ve found anyway…

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My internet is wonky at the moment provider issues. The bot that took over was suicidal. Would have been much better if they did not replace… Dc 1 min and got 2 deaths. 1 from dc 1 from bot…

I’ve been playing as much 5v5 as much as possible hoping to get a good enough handle on the map and 5v5 tactics to be a contributor once ranked hits. I will say, I feel that my experience of the match maker has improved, been getting more quality matches than not. It does seem like there are a lot of connectivity issues with those afks, but it seems like most of those get back into the match and contribute.

Wow are you serious right now?? Somebody has mastered the rudimentary level of english grammar. Get that nazi grammar bs outta here dude…

I play 5v5 because I’m a bit tired of 3v3, because it has a great visual work, because I can troll without troll at all…
But if you ask me, The sh1t that makes 5v5 annoying is the playerbase, most of my teammates are n00bs.

It’s going to get better when ranked rolls around. MMR will become far more balanced and draft can definitely help balance out those soloq monsters like SAW or Krul. Keep in mind 5v5 is still at it’s infancy in a game that was balanced for 3v3 since release.

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Why do “people” play 5v5? Is that the “serious question”?
A: because it’s fun

A: A matchmaker creates matches, or one might say “makes matches”. Being that every experience I’ve had with 5v5 took place in a match made by the MM, I’d say it’s safe to say there is a matchmaker in 5v5.

A: I’m sorry, did you want it to depend only on you? That would be impossible by definition. The issue is this is a team game, and it would seem you would want it to function as a solo game. To further point out the abrudity of this statement, imagine you played a 5v5 basketball game and were frustrated other players held the ball or took shots, like ever.

No answer here, just curious: You do the number crunch on that? You do some research here? You utilize a method for coming to that number?

There is literally hundreds of choices you and your allies make that dictate how the match shapes up. To assert it is all or most RNG is simply, nonsense.

Any data to support this? You looked through all your 5v5 matches and see that? Huge gold and kill discrepancies in most of them? Speaking anecdotally I’ve had tons of close matches and MANY snowballs that got turned around late game. You know that game you had the lead most of the match and then lost? Remember it was anoying? Yeah that’s not a “giant snowball”.

Please, you’re becoming toxic with this, just stop playing bro.

Lastly. When you suggest that this is “serious” and…

You’re kidding yourself. You offer zero in the way of solutions, barely define the problems you’re having and make specific claims without data. It’s ok to write a salt mine post, we all do it, but pleaes don’t suggest it doesn’t belong there when it CLEARLY does.

The mods may not have moved it there yet, but it really should be.

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So getting vainglorious enemies with credible threat allies is okay?

I say there is no matchmaker because it just throws together random people who are online atm. The rng is it you got lucky with at least 1 decent ally or not.

I have matches where my highest ally has a 1500 rank versus a vainglorious 2400 and a poa 2000 with me at SA 1800+.

I have lost that match before even starting.

I now have about 40 matches of 5v5 where there maybe were 2 decent matches in total. The rest were horribly onesided.

I see gold differences well over 14k.

Allies with zero kills zero assists and a ton of deaths.

Sure I might sound toxic. But I am far from the only one having such a lousy experience. I hear from multiple people that one moment they have t4 allies and the next they are fighting vainglorious teams…

There is no fun in getting smashed without a chance.
There is no fun in smashing someone who doesn’t even understand how the basics work.

You can whiteknight for semc all you like but the matchmaker seems non-existent!