Why do people not seem to believe in disconnection?

I had a bad day of internet today and when I was in the middle of a blitz I disconnected. I was a little shocked since my internet had been a touch laggy but not full on stuttering to this point but whatever. It was only for a few minutes and it was only for 1 blitz game right? Wrong apparently. As it turns out what must have been every person in that game reported me because I got a 15 minute LPQ. (I wont even begin to start with this, its something best saved for the salt mine, but who tf reports others in a blitz?! Its so fast and insignificant I see no issue of a person leaving. Hell I personally never report anyone in blitz unless they are a die hard troll. Anyway back to the point) I thought this was so pathetically hilarious I posted it on reddit where I just got hate for leaving a game and I was basically told that there was no way I didnt have any LPQ’s before hand and was called a liar (How tf do any of them even know I had LPQ’s before hand? Its not hard to get a high LPQ, you just have to get reported by everyone).

I also brought this up with other people but they all thought I was being a troll and just leaving. What is so hard to believe about disconnection? I get its an age old excuse for why you would suddenly leave a game, but every disconnect claim is treated as a leaving-because-i-cant-stand-the-way-the-game-is-going excuse. What are any of your thoughts on this? Why do you think everyone just turns to the “dont lie, we all know you rage quit!” accusation?

The downvotes of just une game (5) aren’t enought for you to get that much of LPQ, also playing with bad internet it’s your fault, so technically it’s your fault.


People are constantly making educated guesses.

taking the 2 possibilities - the first being a disconnection - where most people hardly experience these days due to technology advances.

the second being a force quit - easily done through simple actions.

Factor this into the widely accepted saying “each player is responsible for their own connection” and one would wonder why one would risk playing VG with a bad connection.

thus you put all 3 together and the most plausible explanation is that you force quit.

it is entirely possible that you are in fact experiencing bad internet, just understand that most people won’t believe that excuse. Don’t argue with them.

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I did say that the lag was only slightly touchy. I was averaging maybe 170 - 250 (ish). Not unplayable. I’ve even played ranked and come out MVP with that kind of ping before. The disconnection came purely out of nowhere. If I had known I was gonna disconnect then I wouldn’t have played.

Yeh I probably shoulnt argue. Its just really hard to keep your mouth shut when people accuse you of something you didnt do, especially when they are acting like they know full and well what “actually” happened.

Anyone who has that level of ping and still says it’s “not unplayable” is probably a player who is forged in the depths of SEA.

i know that level of ping. I have played with worse at +500ms… and also played with -50ms. So I am extremely experienced on just how much it impacts on gameplay.

it sux. Worse thing is, there’s nothing you can really do, expect VENT your frustrations in the salt mines.

Fun fact: I have only ever been caught by “AFK-detection” when I got legit disconnects. Half of them due to SEMC’s shitty code or server stability issues.
Oh, and the false positives a while back were fun, too.

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Blitz is more tryhard than ranked and people there would surrender in it. That’s how bad blitz is. Just quit for a few days. When season drops you’d have your lpq removed. It sucks that you can get it from 5 min brawl.

Well as far as i am aware no one who plays the game is a prophet so that’s probably why

I disconnect and lag majorly all the time recently. It gets to the point where most days, I feel so bad about disconnecting and possibly ruining someone else’s game that I don’t play due to anxiety about it. I wish they would fix this instead of adding hats.