Why do people choose Vox for mid lane?

Enemy mid has range and then you choose vox?
Fool or a fool?

Because he is strong, and doesn’t relay as much as other mages in his abilities (AA based). Late game, his total range (AA + resonance) is ~13.2, better than any other mage, so saying that he doesn’t have range is just false.

Well in late game… but early game… to mid. In my experience whenever vox is in mid. He gets killed easily causing two of our turrents downs. Even in late game, range heros easily killed him with their burst damage since vox needs to be close to enemy teams… i rather prefer a mid lane to have a range hero instead of vox lol

He is still a ranged hero. He can also bully most midlane heroes with his bounces. Just because your Vox doesn’t know how to attack without being attacked (or you team to peel for him) doesn’t mean he is bad.

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But not only person… i encounter my team using vox in mid more than countless number of times and gets kill easily no what you say lol…

Okey, if they don’t know how to play him…

You should show me. Lol

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I don’t play 5v5.

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Then? Why input an opinion about vox when you don’t play since you don’t have experience? …

oh honey…


I don’t play enough to consider me a 5v5 player, but I play a little to know how the meta works. When I say that I don’t play X mode, unless specified, it doesn’t mean I play 0 matches.

Still not enough experience…

Please, tell me how much I play. Giving that I play 3v3 for a bout 4 hours a day, I consider me to be a 3v3 players instead of a 5v5 player, even if I play 5v5 for 1 hour a day. There are also streams a things like that. I never comment in something I don’t know about. Also, I’ve played Vox for about 3 and a half years, I think I know how to play him.

Sure you do… I am just saying that even vox is has a good AA damage in late game… range hero can easily burst him…

He is not a mid lane guy… or maybe every match I came across. Those are lousy vox players since you since said they don’ know how to play him. But almost all those players are bad vox mains? I doubt so it just shows range hero can easily burst him in late game or he easily gets killed in late game

I think OP is right in saying that going against someone with range is starting with a major disadvantage not just to you as a mid laner but also to the team since you are more open to ganks and don’t have the early power to push. Then you’re talking about the team comp, if they can manage to hold till you reach late game, were admittedly vox is pretty strong. Also if the enemy comp is a good early and mid team then you may not have the staying power to see late game.

Vox is definitely good, but not as good as other mid laners.

Even though i am not a midlaner… unless I mid lane lyra… I don’ usually engage him upclose but my A abilities finishes him easily with health drain and burst damage. Since my A range allows me to engage far from vox…

Mid lane is the best lane for Vox, simply because it gets the most minions coming through. He needs those minions to get his bounces off early (especially CP Vox) to harass the enemy carry. Plus, he is a ranged hero. even if his range isn’t massive, it’s big enough, and you can use bounces to make it bigger again. I see Idris being played mid a lot, and where’s his range in the early game?

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Why two responses? It makes it harder to answer.

As CP Vox you don’t AA your main target, if you do that, of course he is in a range disadvantage, and a pretty big one.

That’s bad positioning, or horrible peeling as he stays in the back line.
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I never talked about team comps.

After all the changes is quite difficult to say something 100% sure with how little time it passed, but the energy changes, mostly, benefited him the most (and Varya, who is rn the strongest mid laner).

CP Lyra counters CP Vox, so I don’t think it’s a fair argument. Also, he won’t engage like that and can dodge your A. You A isn’t an instakill.

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Not instant but burst damage…

Oh well. I guess it’s our preference and experience then

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Is not like he won’t dodge anything or attack you too.

Well in late game… unless 1v1 then yeah XD