Why can't I post on other sections?


On these forums I am logged in, but can only post in this section. I f I try to post in Dear SEMC or Vainglory Discussion I cannot. There’s a little “can’t” icon when I try to click on New Topic.


Although I don’t know the specifics, I saw @idmonfish say you would need Trust Level 2 to create topics in that category. He mentioned temporarily changing it to T1 before returning it to T2, however, I do not know if he actually did so.


I just checked, it’s set to Trust Level 1 …


Ahh, ok. In a similar thread, he said “Now done” and I was unsure if it was an edit or what.


As far as vainglory discussion goes your not able to create a topic in that category but only the sub categorys of that section. I see people creating new topics in it but I also can’t. Something went funky I’m assuming and the permissions need to be looked through again.

Update: I can create a topic in dear semc so I’m not sure the issue there but I can confirm that create topic is locked out for Vainglory Discussion, however it’s sub categorys seem to be fine.

Update 2: after digging around I noticed that people’s profile display a users trust level. However, the topic starters profile does not which leads me to believe his email isn’t verified or the system has begun starting members at level 0. (just a guess). The vainglory discussion category just seems to have been set to trust level 2 by accident. @hazeleyes

@Noviwan did you verify your email upon creating your account?


So, its because you as a new user are set to trust level 0.

This didn’t occur to new users yesterday because it has a set up to allow X number of accounts to be set up at trust level 1 automatically so the forum can get going - but you got in after that.

Trust level 0 has very limited privileges basically as an anti-spam measure. You can read more about trust levels here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924/3

The good news is its very easy to get to trust level 1.
To get there you need:
entering at least 5 topics
reading at least 30 posts
spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

I can see you have spent 8 minutes reading according to the site - so I suspect 2 more minutes of reading should do it for you.


I figured it had to either be that or the email, did you figure out the vainglory discussion category?


My guess is @hazeleyes got to it before me because as far as I can tell its read only right now - but thanks for flagging it up - it was a long late night setting up all the categories and sorting the permissions on them (and then changing all that around when it didn’t work how I intended) so its entirely possible I made some mistakes - and having people point those out is useful.


Actually after looking at it again I believe the mistake was with us users. From what I can see users have never been able to create posts in vainglory discussion itself but only the sub categorys of it. This seems to be yalls intent as the other categorys work the same. That’s the transition from xenforo to discourse getting me. What the topic starter did was click “Vainglory Discussions” and clicked create a new topic inside of it which I can see now was never allowed as all posts are allocated in the sub categorys.

The only exception here is Forum Stuff which is a main category and can be posted in. All the other main categorys were indeed read only the whole time unless of course your intent was to never leave the other main categorys as read only. Haha…

Sorry about that, still learning myself!


I see, thanks for the info that makes sense!


Don’t have enough trust?
In here we can’t just post everywhere we want, we need some authority/permission or such??


Discourse uses user trust levels to do a number of things.

Firstly setting the trust and abilities low to begin with hugely reduces the amount of spam forums get.

And as you gain trust (which really is just behaving appropriately in a forum over time) you gain more abilities - think about it as levelling up.

As you hit the higher levels you even get some abilities which are usually only held by mods (such as moving threads to the appropriate categories.)