Why an Ozo rework?

Im confused on why people wants Ozo’s B and C abilities reworked. Like his whole kit when released was about his B ability (and how unique it was) and now its disliked?

I understand that it doesn’t benefit his WP path nor does his ult but i also saw ( Rumbly ) said it was a waste of time to use his B. Another Redditer said a Lorelai B (Roam Path) reks his ult when chasing a person.

I mean… there are changes that could easily fix the problem.

Acrobounce changes:
WP Benefits-
• Has Weapon power ratios on his single target when bouncing (not aoe damage)
•Speed boost duration increased when third acrobounce hits.
CP Benefits-
• He can no longer be debuffed when bouncing (Overdrive B)
• Ult refreshes his B

Ulti Changes:
• Cannot be slowed
• The knockback from being hit when in his path (surrounding enemys not the targeted enemy) is increased and a slight short stun when hit.

That makes his ult like a Tony ult. A enemy separating ability.

Please do comment what you would change and what you would keep or even rework his ability into.

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Who’s talking about an Ozo rework? Ozo is viable and I think majority think that.

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You obviously havent seen the Ozo hype a week back. And i can guarantee that the majority can disagree based off the comments on the reddit posts from back then. <3

That was SEMC trolling the community. People didn’t nessecarily want an Ozo rework but thought it would be a good idea which I agree with. Ozo’s kit has always and before his release I even said this, just a bunch of random abilities mashed together. Now do I think he isn’t viable? No I think he’s definitely viable it’s just his kit doesn’t really work well together. The thing that makes him viable is that SEMC buffed the mess out of his B skill for his CP path, and buffed the mess out of A skill for his WP path. Like when you play Ozo you really feel like only one of his abilities really have a huge effect on his game play because the rest of his abilities are there just to be there.

I agree with what you said with his A being for Wp and his B is mostly for his Cp path. But i disagree with the rest.

I find his kit amazing for his Cp and intended path. Back when the Ozo bug was still around, he was one of the best heros due to it. His A is for primarily for healing and his B is to deal aoe damage and to survive while bouncing. The only fault i find in his kit would be his ulti which is a little wierd for my taste

His B has the problem of being too hard to use if his jump speed is super fast but really bad if hes spending too much time in the air

i see what you mean but i dont think thats worthy enough for it to be reworked. There are different ways to solve it. Cough Rose Trail Cough


I only want his B reworked. It makes him too vulnerable since it’s sooooo slow, but the other abilities are really good

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