Why am i so negative

I don’t know in what category to post this thread as i am literally talking about myself so mods feel free to move it.

I’ve realized lately that all my posts on this forum are filled with negativity whether its rants, complaints, exposing certain flaws in the game… literally my only useful post was an in depth thread about infusions that i did way back. So if you’re wondering why i am always an annoying whiny here is why:

I’ve started playing vainglory 3 years ago, i am not a true day 1 OG but the game was still in a pre-mature phase when i picked it up and i watched it grow. Even though it had many flaws, i loved it for the passion involved around it, the community, the interraction with the devs trough dev streams and the forums where they would share their passion about their game and always listen to feedback on how to improve it. I am not gonna rumble too much and will go straight to the point, as of right now semc and the whole dev team couldn’t care less about about the community, if you’re a veteran player that is passionate about the game you’re literally irrelevant. The only thing they care about is pushing those numbers and getting that total number of downloads up, if you’re a new player you’re more valuable than a precious gem. Vainglory has turned into those classic sell out games that you find on the apple and play store recommend shart that you end up deleting after a couple weeks. Every update is filled with features that makes the game more appealing to a new audience while there hasn’t been a single quality of life feature that would make the game more enjoyable for a veteran player even though the game could use a lot of them.

So you’ve spent god knows how much glory on charms? well too bad they’ve been removed so that new players can purchase a variety of useless emotes.
Oh so you’ve been grinding your ass off and finally got to tier 10 ? Well that’s cute here is a skin that credible threats can enjoy.
Oh so you’ve played thousands of games in order to master rotations and tactics ? well that’s cute now literally newborn child can be good at the game.
So it literally takes you half an hour to get into a game ? well who cares unranked players can get one in seconds.
So the match maker is literally the worst there has ever been in an online game if you’re a high tier player ? well who cares its not that bad if you’re low to mid tier.
Drifting dark bug ? Grumpjaw A dealing no damage ? Alpha reboot bug ? Grace B animation bug ? drunk turret bug ? Losing elo cause someone else dodged ? Let’s fix glaive’s afterburn bug on joystick !
The moba perfected for touch ? that’s cute when you first download the game the controls are set to joystick by default!

You get my point, how can i be positive when i’ve been begging for improvement for god knows how much and there is literally no sign of it. If that’s not enough then what about the official forums, a place where the community can interact? well screw that, a new player might find out something that dislike in them so lets get rid of them so that they can only go to reddit where every post criticising the game gets to downvoted to the oblivion.

But what really shows how much semc doesn’t care about their community is the esports scene. People have devoted their lives to this game, some have dropped their education, quit their job, lost their social life so they can spend time becoming the best. You would say that’s pretty foolish on their part and i agree but that’s not the point, if semc feels like esports is not worth spending that much money on that’s totally fine but at least be transparent about it, communicate with your pros. Some pros literally suffer with anxiety and depression because they’ve been kept in the dark for months waiting for a response waiting for something only to end up getting hit with dissapointing news. Here you have players who have sacrificed everything for the game and who are begging for any sort of communication and semc is treating them as if they’re nothing. Every single pro player has lost all his respect to semc, they feel insulted.

Get my point now ?


I dont want to also get negative with you but have u tried a nice sweet long break from VG… Maybe not play for a month and i can guarantee you’ll feel better.

You sound tired of the game… Alot of people forget that VG isnt a big company and some of its members are brand new and hasnt any experience in the field (College Grads). I think the total of members of the Office is like 50-60. I feel the same about the bugs but we arent game technicians/Devs so we dont now how easy its to fix nor how hard its to-

Ill stop with my speech

Just take a break… Focus your time into another game for the meanwhile. Being fixed on one game is one of the ways to get burnt out on it. Ex: Darius (LoL Streamer)

I took a full month break, played for about a week then quit again. Today was my first game in a month and a half, played 3 casuals with friends and in all 3 we got matched against a bunch of unranked solos as a 5 man of poas and vgs. I don’t plan on playing again, whats the point of taking a break if i comeback to the same issue that made me quit.

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Then hopefully you find a new thing to occupy yourself

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There’s an saying I like: You can only change yourself. nobody else.

I practice meditation. Have other hobbies, sports.

Even if we’re to just talk about the gaming world, it’s HUGE. there are literally thousands of games with endless hours of entertainment.

The reason for disappointment in anything, not just VG, is our own expectations. Meditation teaches us to let go of those expectations. Maybe you should try it. Just a suggestion.

It’s not to say we can’t voice our opinions and have good idea’s. it’s to accept that it’s not in our control and not something to get all bothered by. Live and let live.


We are most critical with things we love because we’re honest with ourselves.

Sometimes, when we play or use or meet someone/thing you love, you can get tired of it.

The easiest remedy?

Take a break. Perspective is key. Your perspective has been “corrupted” and needs a “Reboot.” Let the system “charge up” for a couple weeks or a month and come back.

Considering you’ve already taken a break and come back to find the same view for the games state, taking another or clearly just having taken a break doesn’t help as it shouldn’t, that just masks mistakes that’ll continue to be there.

Only thing I can think that might help you/or others alike to not be so negative about vg is don’t take vg seriously anymore. It’s not a big competitive game, it’s become more of a casual game to play occasionally. Dont have good expectations of vg anymore, look for other games to take over that competitive itch.

I’ve just come back from a month’s break and am now enjoying the game much more than before. Maybe that’s cause i got a new phone which actually runs the damn game properly tho. I still have many reasons to be pissed off with SEMC (p2w events goddamit) but there’s positives at least. Silvernail is amazing, a well designed hero. Esports is a thing again. I’m sure there’s more you can think of.

It isn’t always easy to fix things with just a snap of the fingers (I’m pretty sure they don’t have an infinity gauntlet anyway), especially not when you’re working with such a small team. It may seem like SEMC is being slow, and maybe they are slightly, but I’m sure they are getting to all these things.

I am sure we needed hats instead of working of all the other issues that have been there for the past 7 months. This makes me sick.


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