Whose hat fits the best?


My head’s a bit small I think…


@hazeleyes one :smiley: + few others also are quite fitting with the hat. TBH it looks great on everyone, brings great holiday mood and spirit to the forum combined with the snow. ^^

Edit: Actually I really appreciate those small details that lead to vastly better end result. To relate it to VG, this is exactly what makes the halcyon map different, those small details added with love to the map. That are not strictly necessary, but are there and adds life and colour to the map.


Honestly I’m a fan of the Santa coat - gotta keep my butt warm


gotta get hat to keep my fren warm


I want my hat to fit but it’s much too big ;-;

Edit- operation: make icon bigger is a success! Now I just have to only post when the hat’s on the left side


Not really sure why’d a sock wear a hat, but I like it.