Whose hat fits the best?


Post in this thread. Then we can all see eachothers’ avatars and debate who’s hat fits theirs the best.

So far @EdAWACSdenyY takes top contender from what I’ve seen, but I need to see more!


Interesting thread…


I like Yang’s non-conformist look here


Only if akali’s head was a bit bigger :sleepy:


my pig has a hat too but it is too special for non-pig plebeians to see


Mine is slightly off-center but I do like how it goes with Gwen’s head :slight_smile:


I’d say my taiyaki ice cream wears the hat pretty well


Mobile can see hats so that’s pretty cool


Im just commenr8ng to see if mine fits… :haha:


Lmao, thanks for that @hazeleyes


did you go through every person to make their hat face a good way :eyes: or is it random


There’s a pattern to the way it works … :wink:


(up up down down) left (right) left right (B A start)


Fill to see how the hat fits other way.


I think it fits White’s head better this way but still pretty bad. I’m out of the contest.


Kinda depends on the direction of the hats tbh


Mobile can see hats so that’s pretty cool,lol


How do you change the direction of your hat? :thinking:


You can’t it just depends on what place your comment is. The first two comments are left then third is right and the cycle repeats.


HATSSSS!!! Maybe it’s time to craft a Christmas edition Vox pic