Who's got the best hat?

Which one of us has the better hat?


it’s me, the headless sombra !!!


Me, the one with half the pic covered

The hat makes white diamond less intimidating , so not me, but I still like it. I guess this the forums way of accepting hats in VG lol.


This text will be blurred


What hat?

it appears for people who use a desktop / laptop.


By the way, This “Hat” comes out exactly at the same time as the VENOM movie?

NEED i say MoAR ? Just make it slightly higher, so you can see my eyes. lol

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Clearly we need more hats to compare

no me

I keep seeing Venom ads and your profile pic is the only thing I could associate it with. I didn’t even know there was a Venom movie coming out because every time I saw an ad it was like “oh that’s the guy from the forums, moving on”


Too bad the movie turned out to be bad apparently…

They gave the thing boobs for the makeout scene. Apparently is apparently an understatement.

why do critics always like to kill off a good series.

Remember The chronicles of Riddick ? based on Pitch Black ? I love that movie and still waiting for the series to continue. WHY do critics love killing a good movie.

I LOVED Pitch BlackChronicles of Riddick wasn’t as good, but it was still fun. I too am disappointed that there haven’t been any more Riddick movies …

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I think my hat is the hat to rule them all

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I do!This text will be blurred

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If I’m being honest Venom looked bad from the beginning. Like Venom’s whole thing is that he is the antagonist of Spiderman, he was literally created from Spiderman and jealousey of Spiderman so for him to have a movie without Spiderman is really the same as not having Venom.