Who is the squishiest hero? (and two other random points)

didn’t really know where to put this but what hero has the lowest base defense and health?

also what is varya talking about lottery tickets lol what is she trying to say?

oh and has anyone ever seen a grace walking around with a perma-circle ? lol

Lowest health probably Kestrel or Petal. Defenses I think Lyra but not sure.

I think Varya means you got lucky as it is a taunt.

And yes Grace thing is a bug.


Petal is lowest health at 1983.

As for Defense, there’s a bunch of heroes who sit at 50 armor and 50 shield, petal being one of them.

@ 5.38 minutes “you should buy a lottery ticket” - i believe refers to Lightning missing

Grace, I duno… Me personally, Nope.

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@melodrama Or possibly something about the chances of lightning striking twice in one spot. Your chances of winning the lottery will be insanely high because she’s struck you with lightning so many times. I think it’s more like a poke at how bad at dodging you are :rofl:


bf armor/shield is 50
ridiculous, since he’s melee and not even slippery anymore…

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Damn it all makes sense now. 30030030