Who have you seen least of in Sovereign's Rise? 3.1.1 Edition

Sorry folks, not worried about a poll, just wanted to see a discussion.

Who’ve you seen the least of in the Rise since 3.1(.1)? Why do you think you’re seeing less of them? Who is this mysterious Reza character people keep talking about?

Saw him destroy Ringo singlehandedly in bot lane yesterday. I don’t ever recall a “Rhyme” in VG though.

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Churnwalker I haven’t seen a single one except myself once or twice.

Lorelai is pretty rare too.

Ozo has also become a rare commodity, to the extent that I’ve forgotten about him briefly.

Probably because there’s such a low amount of Ozo mains like me :ozo:

and maybe because he’s completely trash in draft but shhhhhhh

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HaVe YOu SeEN MalENe aROuNd?

uuuuuuh petal is ded also no taka because of bans but ew who plays 5v5 anyway


I haven’t seen reza and Gwen’s baby Ringo much

I have NEVER seen Churnwalker in a single 5v5 game that I’ve played.

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Petal is the rarest hero in ranked I feel, but I’m pretty sure she is a potato again so I’m not surprised.

Some heroes that really aren’t bad, but just annoyingly slow, like Reim and especially Phinn, are rare too.

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Used her to counter taka in recent game. Won with great stats and kills. Otherwise yes, petal is non existant in 5vs5.

She’s a nice counterpick in very specific situations, though most of the heroes that she is good against like Alpha and Taka get banned very often

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Forgot petal even existed for a while. I have played ozo and churn with some success tho, and a lot of Reza. (Matchmaker machine still broke btw)

Alpha / Taka cuz they get banned every fkin game lol

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Petal.Good for countering krul/taka but the meta cp mages destroy her and she rarely sees play

Churn is nearly non-existent.
Reza, however, I do see somewhat infrequently but regularly.

The meta bans as well.

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Anyone seen that fish hero?
Lol I don’t even know her name.

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Who plays 5v5? Brah… i haven’t touched a single 3v3 since 3.0.

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Potato Petal and Churny Hooker Boi

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Seriously Lorelul needs some love


Truly. She’s still a good pick for a lot of reasons, but I think she sorely needs a buff on all her abilities. The size of her pools could be expanded, both for her A and her B, and a cooldown reduction on her ult barrier would do wonders.

I actually think the pool-size buff should be applied to skaarf’s goop as well, to compensate for the damage and slow reduction. Something like the targeting area of Tony’s ult would be appropriate, or Skye’s cluster area.

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