Which projectiles can Miho’s Ult cancels?

The hero infos don’t specifically mention which abilities are considered “projectiles”. So no one knows your sure which ability can Miho cancels. Can she nullifies Skaarf’s ult? Kestrel’s Ult? Phinn’s Ult? Ishtar’s A? Etc? Is there a list somewhere of what her Ult can cancels?
The same with Lyra’s B and which dash can it stops. Miho’s B and Vox’s A wasn’t affected the way it should, but Ishtars A was affected by the Bullwark somehow.

Really think that the Devs should denote icons/symbols to specify the natures of abilities and how they should interact.

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Skaarf no, Kestrel yes, phin not, Ishtar I think yes. The “projectile” description seems accurate, skaarf ult isn’t a projectile, so it can’t be blocked (for example).

Miho’s B isn’t a dash, why should it be affected by Lyra? You mean the A? The A grants her invulnerability. Also Lyra’s B affects Vox by stopping the dash, what do you mean it doesn’t work like it should?

Do you mean Lyra can stop the blades?

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Yep… it’s a dash move… by the blade. So yes. It stops dash and prevents it from entering her zone


I didn’t know that. That’s the only non hero entity that dashes.

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It’s really effective and a good counter. She needs her blade to sustain and without it entering. She is pretty much useless


Until she ults inside the bulwark and respawns every blade back…


Then you start crying and hoping her game crashes.


It’s pretty clear what it effects. Good rule of thumb, if the projectile is independent of the hero casting it, it can be blocked.

For example, Yates pull can’t be blocked because if he gets stunned or die mid throw it’s canceled. It’s not separate from him. Same with Phinn ult. Kestrel ult has no travel time, so i dont know how it could be blocked.

Ringo ult, Spitfire, Glimmershots etc. all canceled. One thing I’d love to know, does something like drifting dark count?

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That’s an interesting thing to wonder about… Usually too busy darting around playing her and never really tried using the ult defensively although that’s half of it’s purpose.

I wonder if it will block AAs also especially ones like Celestes which follow the player to the ends of the fold
Sounds like we need to do some experimenting who knows this may end up being color than lances Gythian wall block. Speaking of which if you timed it right could you Gythian wall Mihos C?.. That would be dope.

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Yes, it blocks AAs (only ranged as melee ones aren’t projectiles).

Lance can gythian wall miho’s C, but it just acts like a RB, it doesn’t destroys it. Like when you Gythian wall baptiste’s C.

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It can nullify AAs as well? HOLYYY
But most people only use her Ult as a last resort defense, so it shouldn’t matter that much. Hope one day there’s a Captain with Yasuo’s wind wall. That’ll be so dope