Which Legendary should I buy

I dont know which I buy ? I have T3 alpha , Vox on ice , Ice age Glaive , Champion BF , corsair krul , drive or die skye , school days taka so far. (U can recommend a good epic if you want)

You should get the new Reza skin, it’s pretty epic. It is also Epic. The Samuel epic skin is also pretty cool, but overall you should get something for a hero you have and like.


I already have evolution samuel and its goddamn perfect bro


What heroes do you play often?

School days Joule is pretty nice

Vox reza samuel ringo in lane krul (I dont need skim for him) reim kensei reza and taka in jungle Ardan and lance in captain

Also rona in jungle (30 characters)

North hammer reim is my recomendation

Ok u have any other recommend (shogun master ringo looks beautiful when opening his B

vox on ice and corsair krul are both pretty good

I have them both lol :smile: but thanks anyway

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ah sorry i thought you meant you had them as blueprints. well, tea party grace, t3 lance, dear diary lyra, t3 petal and taka are my suggestions

btw moved this to the correct subforum

Shogun master Ringo and Lance legendary

Definitely get the T3 Ringo skin (master?). Only good Ringo skin imo.

Anubis Baptiste and Valkyrie Grace are awesome.
Legendary Celeste too

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And yhe skin that helps the most making stutter tepping far easier. Also, its awesome seing a good ringo with that skin XD

saving your money for upcoming skins is just as good of a choice to buy a current skin

but thats my opinion


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