Which hero's base splash art do you find appealing and which skins splash art do you think supplements that appeal?

Just something I fell like doing and seeing what other people opinions are.

For me, the heroes that fit the criteria in the title are:

  • Flicker.

The part that sold me on Flicker is how cute he looks in his base splash art. His gleaming eyes, cheerful smile, nice and soft looking fur adds to his cuteness.
His skins bar Franken Flicker only furthers his cuteness in my opinion.
Franken Flicker, on the other hand, shows his personality and backstory, that being of a smart Meeko and also embodies how scary a good Flicker can be.

  • Grace.

Grace to me exudes the aura of an authority female figure while looking beautiful. Her base splash art shows her status and how she seems to hold herself in a high position gracefully.
Her skins don’t show her aura of authority as much but do show her strong gaze of confidence in her strength and beauty, with her Valkyrie skin seeming to gaze at the onlooker and saying “Look at me.” and her Tea Party skin seeming to say “I’ll smack you in this game with no sweat.” while showing how terrifying a smiling Grace can be through the animals in the splash art (poor Flamingo and hedgehogs).

  • Ringo.

I was around the time that Ringo had a different splash art. The change in base splash art was unexpected, but the current one is pretty good I feel.
Ringo’s base splash art does convey his abilities as a great gunslinger pretty well with the three bullets shot while giving the sultry looks of a person that can woo you but is also drunk at the same time, lol. Plus, his musculature is a bit thicker which makes sense when you consider how fast he twirls his gun and moves when using his B ability.
His skins that support the feel of the base splash art well, in my opinion, is his legendary Shogun skin, showing his blazing guns and good clothing choice, while his Vaquero skin has more of a sexual and musculature feel that supports his looks well.
The most consistent thing across all his splash arts I feel is his hair and gun.

  • Varya.

Varya to me has the best appeal in terms of appearance (hitting home the selling points of female heroes kind of in an upfront manner) and also cool clothing choice.
Her base skins show her feminine appeals while exuding the otherworldly vibe well and her clothes (while revealing) look rather cool with their metallic look and scale-like pattern. Her helm having that Thor like design adds more to her thematic design of being an embodiment of lightning.
While having only one skin, Varya exudes a more likable and less revealing feminine appeal, showing sultry eyes, soft looking lips and a nice look at her chest are without being too sexual or revealing. Plus with how good her clothes and helm looks in the skin’s splash art, I honestly think the skin adds more to Varya’s appeal.


So what are your picks? Tell us down below!

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Alpha base looks awesome sometimes i use over her skins


Base Model of Lyra didn’t attract me that much beside her beautiful purple hair but then Dear Diary Lyra… i was absolutely sold. I still remember those days when i was in noob tier picking Lyra only for her skin but that made learn her playstyle and love her kit then.

Then I started to like Lyra.

Why “Dear Diary Lyra”
It excludes the aura of sweet pure and innocent lady. The splash art was and is still calming to look at. Pink and white and flying doves and there is Lyra looking all happy and joyful.

But in battle says otherwise. Don’t be fool by her image because beneath that she planned to be strongest gythian battle mage when she grow up.

Trick or Treat Malene

I mained her upon released. Her skin on her splashart was an instant buy for me was because her skin is dued and also halloween malene outfit is just :heart_eyes:

Candy contrast of light and dark was nice but her dark B pumpkin. Wig sold.

Her splashart in that skin tells me that enemiez doesn’t know what will be coming to them.

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multiple mortar impacts

multiple ion cannons launching

Need I say more?

Honestly a big fan if the Ylva splash to be honest. Besides that it would have to be Grace, Alpha, or Reza.

Hmm… I think if I had to choose one, it’d be Silvernail.

Just the bounty hunter looking over his map, knife stabbed into the table, crossbow slung over the shoulder and then the hat. Looks way better than the tribal skin.

I also really like Reza’s, Idris’s, Inara’s and Samuel’s. If we include skins, I gotta say there’s one skin splash art that made me go “yes. I want to learn this guy” and that’s the bakuto Ringo skin. But then I got the skin, realised it was really disappointing in game, dropped Ringo and cannot play him to this day. Bakuto Phinn however did not dissapoint (that skin is the most amazing thing SEMC has done to date).

SAME! I always played Lyra since she was the most fun-est captain to play back then and when they came out with the skin… I just died of happiness <3

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Send nukes

EXACTLY… everyone in vg roster looks so fierce and scary while Lyra… Feels so refreshing to look at…

Happiness filled me… and depression cured. Lyra did that

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My favorite splash art in no particular order:

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Ozo because Ozo best hero. While I did start maining Ozo due to his status as a meme, once I actually learned how to use him, he really grew on me. Most of the heroes look either serious or cute, while Ozo just falls in the middle as a pretty goofy character, even with his skins that try to make him more serious. I honestly really like him for this. Plus, it’s cool to see how Ozo is one of, if not the only, monkey hero across various MOBAs that doesn’t use a staff and isn’t literally just (or at least based upon) Sun Wukong

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Funny thing is that Lorelai splash art reminds me of a deity we Indians worship especially with that man bun kinda hairstyle she’s got going on along with that colour scheme.

That being said, this definitely hurted my point of view for her when she was first released mainly because I don’t like this look and thus resulting in me not playing her despite her having a good kit and me being a captain main.
Thankfully sometime ago I stopped comparing and moved on that made me actually play her now.

Just a fun story I wanted to share

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I’d say there’s many great one but only four stood to me.
Tier 3 Celeste - the way she’s sitting on that chair along with them legs is what got my Instant attention. I’d even go out and say this is probably my most loved spalsh art in the game.
Tier 3 Phinn - LoTR vibes was enough to get my attention.
Red Rona - Probably because of her hair and how she’s jumping out on you.
Tier 3 Lance - that Lance (both the weapon and the hero) looks so beasty.

Base splash art Lyra
Skins , love bites black feather , dear diary Lyra , pirate krul , tea party grace


I’m gonna disagree politely.

Was that skaarf skin release before Lyra?

So honey. Sit down