Which heroes you fall with love from other moba

First one is Celeste from vainglory

I like demon pear montages for her

I like her lore everything about her

2- illaoi from league of legends

I like her playstyle and dmg she pretty unique

I main her in league I got penta With

3- guinvere from mobile legends

Most unique hero in mobile legends

She have mobility everything her role mage fighter

4- natayla from AOV

I didn’t try her but when I saw her Spotlight I like her already

5- Camille from league of legends

She pretty cool hero with most awsome vioce lines and great lore

What about yours? This My favorite heroes in all moba

Wait all my mains are females :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Magic man from atbp.

He had a unique kit that included a silence, a decoy mechanic (you teleport, leaving behind a decoy and having stealth for the duration so long as you dont attack) and a current health aoe nuke which did more damage and slowed the enemy based on their current health. His perk also granted you bonus movespeed when you land aa.

Interesting I saw it in YouTube really cool hero
I want name of the game and I think it’s not moba
game right?

Lauriel is my bae in AoV … favorite skin is “Divine Grace” :heart_eyes:

Miss F in League was my first and still favorite champion … favorite skins are Star Guardian and Arcade :star_struck:

For games in general, there's simply no contest: the love of my life is 2B from NieR: Automata

Miss F really cool champion all her skins amazing

I always ks from my friends when I play miss ahah

As ADC I like tristana the most and vayne

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Only played other mobile mobas but in aov I really like mganga. They’re a mage/support hero that I played a lot when I played aov, it was interesting how he healed and his abilities damaging enemies through poison and bursts was fun. Pic for those who don’t know mganga


Oooooh I like this topic so Ill just list some names down :cowboy_hat_face:

My number one favorite hero is…

Fiora from LoL :star_struck:

2nd is Blackfeather from VG :relieved:

And 3rd is Florentino from AoV :triumph:

I wonder what all three of these have in common :thinking::stuck_out_tongue: :crossed_swords:

But to break the similarities,

Elsu (AoV) is my favorite sniper out of all mobas


Fiora is also my main I want her project skin :frowning:
also I use fiora when my friend want 1vs1 coz he play yasou and fiora counter him with her W.

I don’t know about 3d but I only know Natalya from AOV but when I try the game I saw this hero in loading screen

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Adventure time battle party. It was a 3v3 browser moba based on the adventure time show. Itfeatures a unique cast of heroes with a “backpack” style item build system. Ex: you equipt a backpack ahead of time, and then load into the game only able to upgrade the items in your backpack.

It eventually died when unity ran into browser support failure and it totally died. Ill take a look around, im pretty sure i even made a guide for magic man lmao.

It was the first moba i ever played and near its desth i discovered vg.

Sad this game dead like dragons and titans because

Dragon and titans first moba I ever played then I start VG

If vainglory dead this will be my 2nd favorite game die :sob::sob:

Lanaya from Dota 2 and Xeniel from AoV.