Which heroes have you seen little to none of in Sovereign’s Rise?

Obviously following changes to meta and a possible influx of new users, (free rotation aside) there’s a lot of heroes we may not see or see little of. Curious as to what everyone’s seen little of, or, if there are heroes you haven’t come across at all during 5v5.

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I suspect dedicated junglers to fail in showing up at all… Better double cap with offense than 2 junglers…

I’ve been seeing a lot of players take bottom or top lane as melee or mid-range junglers, who only appear when minions are close enough to turret to be a threat. I’ve actually had a few games where there’s been 0 ranged heroes. It’s been an interesting time.

every other hero has been used

saw and vox are in most games.

I’ve seen Reza a couple of times, but haven’t seen the others you listed.

Poor Grumpy … he needs a complete rework, imo.

yes, but many other heroes havent doen that well on the fold. krul isnt that good as well (at least from what i have seen)

Funny you say that, on the contrary I’ve seen numerous Grumpiest but not a single Reza.

Grump is dead, Churn is a snail, Lorelai is sleeping with the fishes


Reza, Lorelai, Lyra, Cath So far. I would play a few games, but Fort is too awesome rn!, I have seen CW, but with little success.

Heroes I see a ton of: Koshka, Tako, Vox, Ringo, Rona

CP Vox shall reign supreme once more


Funnily Grump is actually not terrible at the moment - everyone has just forgotten he exists.


Does Petal exist? Not seen her 3v3, Blitz or 5v5. Truly sad. Delet Her

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Ok so my connection is terrible I can’t upload for shit.

I saw rumbly play him (hey I watch him from time to time ok…) and thought let’s give this a try.

Well I went jungle grump (9/0/5) and top lane grump (5/1/2).
Used the same build both times,
Rush TB, get an oakheart, boots, and def against your laner.
Then get a sorrowblade, get a minions foot and upgrade your boots, and oakheart to reflex block. Then get either a TM or complete your Aegis and then get one.

His A is great for ganking, and he just pops squishes. Even tho I didn’t have a single CP item, my A chunked like half of the health bar of Skyes, celestes, voxes, rangos which are like the most popular laners rn.
His perk also makes it so that you easily survive a 1v1.
He is amazing as a splitpusher, does quite a bit of damage to turrets, has good waveclear (kinda) and you can just run away using your A if they send multiple people after you, or kill them if they send a Ringo or smthg.

Only flaw is that (imo) he’s not that great in teamfights as you’ll die quickly if you get focused, but he’s certainly viable.


everyone dies fast in teamfights when getting focussed in a 5v5. the question is how many enemies your allies can kill while they are left unchecked.

I don’t think I’ve seen any Reim or Phinn

I saw some lane petal because fun

reim seems to be quite good, i played him in top lane a few times. he does a ton of damage in teamfights and he is incredibly tanky.
phinn is kinda useless though.

Aira carried me and my buddies in one 5v5 with his top GJ. Note that he’s only about t5, while me and my friends generally range from t8-10. While we kept getting destroyed in teamfights due to their fed mid laner, he aggressively pushed top lane and opened up a way for us to win the game, alongside essentially potato-ing the enemy bot. At the end of the game he did die quickly in teamfights, but he did some BIG DAMAGE to make up for it. After watching him I actually thing top GJ has tons of potential due to how hard to gank he is. If your team needs a WP top laner and your captain/jungler need to babysit two hyperscalers, he’s a good choice.

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as long as the hero can deal with a strong wp carry, he is viable in top. i would prefer reim. he does the same thing essentially.

I mean, what if they just send a vox to deal with you?

(I mean hey I was like t7 at one point but that’s ok)