Which heroes do you play often enough to love them mechanically and visually?

Just curious, I like to see what people have to say.

Personally, the heroes that fall under this category (the title of the thread) for me are:

  1. Ardan.

I’m ok when I’m playing Ardan, be it in any game mode. He feels great to play and I just don’t die as much as other heroes I’ve played.
The only part of his kit that I may tend to lack high tier skill is timing his abilities across distances and placing his ultimate effectively.

Visually, his base design is cool, and his skins are great! Though I question why his only Legendary is a rather hot pink. Celeste couldn’t have been any subtler eh?
I have all but one of his skins, the Contender skin. Why? I was lazy to rank up at that time despite being more than capable of doing so.

  1. Flicker.

Mechanically, I find Flicker very pleasant to use. His capacity for moving quickly around the map and his passive for mitigating enemy vision is marvelous. I just love chuckling while asking my teammates to get rid of the Scout Cam I pinged.

I had had a problem with using his A, but after getting some good tips on how to play Flicker to be an extreme menace, my performance on him is just great! His ultimate takes some more practice though, as my Casual teammates tend to not use it properly. My Brawl mode randos do a good job capitalizing off of this though.

Visually, I find it pleasing that he has a simple stealth design. His abilities are a good mix of flashy and subtlety. 10/10 for being cute and smart looking. His skins are quirky and adorable, which is quite the contrast to his personality which I find fitting.

  1. Fortress.

I love playing Fortress whenever I get favorable teammates and enemy team compositions. He just dives and chews the opponent like nobody’s business. Another aspect of him that helps me play him decently mechanics wise is his higher base attack speed. It makes stutter stepping with him so much easier than some other heroes.

Visually, I love his design. An odd fur color as his base design, while his skins fit his canine nature perfectly. Wish I could have gotten his LE skin though, I miss it.

  1. Ringo.

This guy has been my go-to lately for playing Brawl modes. His mechanics are simple and his Talents, though strong, are at least a bit fairer than some others.
To me, he is the easiest hero a player can pick up to learn to manage just two abilities mostly and stutter stepping. His ult is ok, but boy does it put him in a dangerous position. Wish they tweaked it a bit.

Visually, because he is one of the heroes from the birth of Vainglory; he is very simple. Yet, there is beauty in that simplicity. I find it quite appealing how they manage to dress him up and put things in his model without really changing much to his animations. Artwork style is also great. Of course, his Legendary is the best, even for being one of the earliest Legendary skin ever introduced in Vainglory.

  1. Skaarf.

I think this dragon is similar in a way to Ringo, but abilities rather than stutter stepping. I find joy when landing his A from afar by predicting enemies movement. His entire set is usually just A and B to poke, farm and chip the enemies to bits. His ultimate is easily one of the most underestimated ones out there. Got scorched and used it to scorch a good number of players.

Visually, his base design is intriguing in that it breaks the mold of the idea of dragons in MOBAs. Who knew downsizing was all they need to fit in, lol.
I don’t have all his skins, but the ones I do have (Tabby and the original 3 skins) are good to use imo.

Heroes that nearly made the cut but couldn’t quite match up with what I’m looking for.

  • Vox - visually interesting, but mechanically, I’m bored with him.
  • Yates - mechanically very interesting, but he needs a good Legendary skin to convince me to play him a bit more often.

So, what’s yours? Feel free to say whatever you like about this!


Skye with ride or die.

Smooth animations, colorful, and great model as well as custom sounds.


Prior to my stepping away from the game, with regard to your selection criteria, my favorites would have to be:

  • Ride or Die Skye
  • Winter War Varya
  • Gift Wrapped Fortress (LE)

Those three just fit my preferred play style very well and were fun to look at as well as play.

For me (not in order):

  • Silvernail: the model is just good, but the crossbow is amazing, when attacking you can see the mechanism moving and reloading, that level of detail amazes me. Mechanically is even better, he rewards skill like few others, if you can master his traps you will destroy everyone.

  • Lance: just perfect. Extreme synergy between his abilities and rewards combos. Hard to master but scary when done. He will just completely leave the enemy team useless with all that AoE cc. Fun kit and good mobility (yay!)

  • Idris: Top tier model and very fun to play IMO in both of his paths, not much to say. Mechanically demanding.

  • Reza: the outplay master! The amount of mobility non target based is incredible, which allows when played well to outplay everyone, bruisers? Kite them to their death! Squishy? Kill them! Anka? Dodge everything!

  • Vox: Good model + good sounds + mobile. My favourite hero always reliable and no hard counter (=/= counter).

  • Ringo: Stutter stepping god mode activated.

  • BF

Honorable mentions: Samuel: Top tier model + voice lines. Lacks the action the other heroes offer.

My ranking:

1.- Vox

2.- Samuel

3.- Lance

4.- Ringo

5.- Idris

6.- Reza

7.- Silvernail


• Lyra- Best mom in the VGverse

• Varya- Like how they didnt go with the basic “Zeus” lighting character.

• Malene- The concept and lore :ok_hand::ok_hand:, her kit is ehh tho. Would have liked the Lyra-esque kit as a AoE instead of spam.

• Samuel- can relate the most to :skull:

And last but not least Blackfeather. He reminds me of Fiora who I adore the most.

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  • Lance: my main, he is just awesome, good combos, mobile, devastating… :slight_smile:

  • BF (CP): my main CP jungle for almost every patch lol, the only BF that still something compared with how he used to be…

  • Ringo (Shogun III): the best stutter stepping skin in the game.

  • Anka: i am pretty bad with her but is really fun to play

  • Kensei: love his default model and it’s fun to play (IMO)

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Grace. She’s my absolute go-to, and doesn’t get enough credit for being good outside of that month or two everyone abused her for WP. :disappointed_relieved: Her epic skin isn’t particularly flashy or satisfying, but it’s so under appreciated and pretty. The lore is fun as well, but maybe I’m just a sucker for tanky support ladies ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Lorelai Lorelai Lorelai. At first glance her kit seems like the typical copy-paste support: You have that typical channeling circular stun, a circular slow puddle, and a single-target HP barrier that cleanses CC. However, her passive gives her kit LIFE. Playing Lorelai is playing mind games with the enemy to the next level. 10/10 (Also her design looks typical tbh, but the blue-purple combo automatically makes it 11/10)

(Side note: writing and thinking about VG makes me miss it so badly. But unfortunately I will still refuse to play it. Mobile Legends, the game I used to trash on, is my go-to game for the past couple of weeks. They buffed tanks and supports overall, and it has been very very fun- the opposite experience I’m having with VG. )



They die, I feel good about myself. What can I say.

Frostborn really should have been the default skin. Her base splash art is just… so generic. Yuck.

Her frostborn skin (and splash art!) is beautiful, no doubt. But her default skin is gorgeous in-game, imo.

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No order here:

Lorelai- she was strange and barely played so I tried her out and ended up liking her kit way more then I thought I would. Made me appreciate her design more as I didn’t actually like her overly positive attitude at first but then it was nice/funny when using her. Wish she had some skins, her base model is cool is just I like switching between skins(if I like them that is).

Varya- didn’t actually like her visually at all, the whole lighting god/goddess thing just made me think she’d be a boring character, but her kit looked fun even if I’m not great at it I still enjoy it. I still don’t think she’s that interesting character wise but I don’t hate her visually as much as I use to just cuz her kit grew on me.

Fortress- he just fits my play style so well and he’s a wolf, can make so many skins for him clearly like gift wrapped fort, what a cute deadly husky. Everything about him I like

Grumpjaw- he has a simple kit that’s fits me, the gimmick of grabbing and swallowing a character was funny and a draw in to play him more. Visually well he is a monster and I like it just like his other skin(not doggo one), I like playing scary deadly beasts

Krul- didn’t like him much at all till I started playing him which I did cuz he was barely played (well too) and I wanted to try become a player that could play him well. Also had his legendary death metal for awhile so could look great if I did end up being decent with him. I like his lifesteel, his boomerang ult which is a nifty gimmick, his rush a, he just ended being a lot more fun to me and I appreciated his kit more. Cuz of this I was interested in his lore more too, I already like how badass it was to play a dead cursed man, just finally liked his play style.

In the skin, the knifes aren’t made of ice as in the splash art :frowning:

I wanted to pick one but I’ll go with 2 since I have played them consistently from downloading the game and they are Adagio and Catherine.

I like Adagio because i think he is one of the best supports since he is ranged and has the best chance of stopping aces because he can slow and stun (not consistently obvs). I think his energy regen perk is brilliant and saves you buying clockwork that i think some other decent captains need late game. I have recently collected all his skins making him the first characters, with more than one, that i’ve been able to do that with.

Cath is a good choice for me because with her perk she can be an absolute late game beast and i think people really underestimate her bubble. Even i’m still not 100% sure how it works but it’s great when it turns the tide of battle. Opposite to Adagio she has the consistent stun, but needs that clockwork. She’s a situational captain so those that work well with her WORK WELL.

unmentioned for some reason (?) this robot girl has the theme of always coming back, built into her perk and ult and chase playstyle. i really resonate with her persistence. she also has some of the best skins (rare dolly one best) because i absolutely adore the theme of puppets and nusery toys.(please give her a legendary skin with a good model so i can play her without being punished for lack of sunlight)

also unmentioned for some reason (???) , this flower is beautiful and her colours all match. her skins are all of great quality and wonderland is a superb skin line and should continue :eyes: i also enjoy her kiting style and even though her abilities dont interlink with each other as much as i would like she is still fun to play

i probably only like her because of how she looks if she was some human with balls of energy as pets i probably would not play her at all. yes i know i have a problem but i cant help choosing my favourites based on how they look

my other favourites whohave all been mentioned consist of flicker, lorelai, malene grumpjaw and varya

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You are surprised? I remember Petal being hated by most (literally called Pateto/satan). Almost the only ones that doesnt hate her are the main Pateto.

Alpha surprised me too.

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Krul - always been my favorite hero. As in gameplay not my top pick but good nonetheless and I just love how I can literally feel the panic and fear of my enemies when I attack them.

BF - my second favorite hero. I just loved him. Best gameplay experience I’ve had and Love Bites is awesome. Of course that changed after his kit got stripped. Still fun to play for me but not even close to before.

Taka - not sure how to place him. For years he used to be my third favorite hero but seeing how he’s barely playable for so long I am not sure he still is. Anyway, absolutely love his WP gameplay. Not really my favorite looks wise but he’s got good skins.

Skye - I love her character, I love her gameplay. One of the 2 heroes that come close to BF in terms of gameplay for me. (Also bring back Suri strike over the map or else)

Reza - if he was in the game when I started he’d definitely take Taka’s place for me. Not sure about now. I love his character and his buttery smooth gameplay (no but for real). But on the other hand I still consider him a new hero so can’t tell exactly. Guess they might be tied for 3rd then. The other hero that comes close to BF’s gameplay for me.

Edit: wait wait wait how could have I forgotten

Koshka - funny personality, absolutely love her gameplay. Most fun hero in 3v3 for me.

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Could not agree more about Koshka – playing her just makes me smile, and many of her voice lines continue to crack me up even three years on. (“What’s a Vain Crystal?”)


Yeah it’s awesome. Ozo and Lorelai also have Koshka style silly lines.

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Plus one for Koshka! I remember neglecting my family during Thanksgiving and Christmas (sometimes you need a break, you know?), and she was the first hero I played a lot of, so now all her voicelines and jumps and twirls remind me of the holidays.

Other than her, I’d say Ardan and Cath are my absolute favorites to play (with Lance as my number 3). They have simple kits, but when you’re in the groove, they just sing. Tossing Ardan back and forth between heroes like a protec/attac pinball is hilarious, and when he’s soaring in the air while you’re channeling a gauntlet that you just know is going to be incredible… amazing. And Cath! Her walk cycle is the best in the game, hands down, just so confident and badass. And when you’re playing a mindgame with the enemy carry that you know wants to dive your teammate, and you’re pacing between them, daring them to do it… I love it.

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+1000 … she has this sexy strut that just dares anyone to come near her. I just love throwing up her bubble and strolling through battles like a boss.