Which EdAWACS Hero Idea should I rework next?

Hi, everyone on the forum it’s me EdAWACSdenyY. So as some of you may have noticed the stream of hero ideas and reworks of hero ideas have slowed to almost a dried-up riverbed. Now, this isn’t because I’m no longer interested in Vainglory.

The fact is that it has become harder and harder to think up hero ideas or reworks that in my mind really encapsulates the essence of what I want each hero to represent as more importantly of all, how that hero will fit into Vainglory without appearing to just be a better version of an already existing hero.

The other issue that threatens my work is also the drying up of feedback from the community.

This is by no means the fault of the community or rather that favorable interest in the game has been waning. This has a direct impact on the feedback I receive and there’s not much I can do to change it.

What I am asking (or is it pleading?) is for people who are willing to devote their spare time to look over some of my hero ideas that maybe are overlooked or have very little feedback on them.

I also would appreciate feedback on what hero idea I should rework. Here are a few of my ideas.

Solaris’s current Rework form

Solaris is one of those heroes that I feel I can never quite leave alone. He has been my brainchild ever since I started thinking about making hero ideas.

However, his current form has gotten very little feedback and therefore it’s hard to gauge how good he might be in-game.

However, Solaris has also been problematic for me to balance ever since gestation. He has undergone 2 great depowerments in his story to remove the more divine aspects that were originally part of his lore. The real headaches are balancing his kit.

Often times I find a series of abilities that I feel thematically fit into his skillset but they often end up being game-breaking. Or I find a kit that is generally balanced but feels wrong to me after a few days of scrutinization

His current (3rd) rework seems to be in an okay place for people but still not where I want him to be in terms of his kit. My 4th rework for him is in the conceptual stage and focuses more on changing his ultimate to make him more a warrior than a zone controlling assassin. The Flag Standard mechanic will still be preserved.

Janice the one support hero I can never get to work

Oh Janice, you either end up generic has heck or just complicated but useless. Janice is in a good spot but feels bland for me design wise. I have some exciting concepts for her and her kit so expect fun things from her 3rd rework.

Hadeon’s QOL changes

A relatively new addition to my roster, Hadeon started simple enough as a muscular hunk that is too angry to die (yes I know the idea has been beaten to death). Hadeon came out way overtuned and even now his kit is still very unbalanced.

He might not need a full rework per say, but he will need parts of his kit trimmed off specifically his heroic perk and second ability. These QOL will hopefully make him simpler to balance and not feel awkward.

Mulj’s rework

Another horror spawned by the Churn and an attempt by me to make a eldritch horror as a support hero.

, Mulj was extremely underwhelming at launch for me as there was very minimal feedback for her. From my standpoint she currently has one of the most toxic kits I’ve ever devised to counter mobility heroes and needs to be quickly reworked to not make her just a despair to play against.

Her zone control was far too powerful.

Seyton’s Rework

Oh lordie, this one literally keeps me tossing and turning at night about half as much as when I was studying for exams. I am not at all happy with Seyton’s current place. He is scheduled for a full overhaul but that could take a year or longer. His status as a hero with an afterdeath effect has only hampered attempts at making a new kit for him at the moment.

His first and second abilities are the hardest part to pull off as the ultimate concept and how it ties to Seyton’s contract with the demon Dismas will definitly influence how I go about the over, haul.

Decesio the overloaded hero

Honestly on the best of days I forget that Decesio was created by me, on the worst of days I want to scream continously inside everytime I read his kit.

What can I say? everything about him is overloaded. (who knew that creating a summoner hero was that hard?)

Yeah I got nothing for him.

The stupid underground Churn tunneler

The main thing I would work on is the interactions between the underground and above ground ability sets.

And that is pretty much all that is going through my head right now

Help me pls.

PS for more details from me please Discord or DM me