Where we were, Where we are, Where we're going

Content archived from the Original Vainglory forums - originally posted by “OneEyeOpen” on the “July 1, 2017”

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow…3 statements that makes us all think about the past, the present, and the future. Come help and join the 2 year celebration!

For two years we have played a game that has brought FUN to the power of your fingertips. This whole idea of bringing the MOBA world to the always accessible mobile devices has changed the outlook of social interaction, global competition, and gaming altogether. I am very greatful for this truly amazing game and I would like to share what I have experienced throughout the past, present and give you an exciting insight into the future.

VainGlory Past

In the beginning God Crea…

In the winter of 2015, I downloaded a game I seen on a commercial. This commercial was showing off the gaming functionality of the IPhone 6. I could remember them saying “I’ll get some minion candy!” so I decided to google “minion candy” and I found…VainGlory. I fell in love immediately.
Here is the commercial:

In the beginning there were only 7 Heroes. Could you imagine? Playing with only 7 heroes today, this would be like playing chess with all the pawn peaces!

Seven heroes rocking the Fold that changed the future for SEMC. Adagio, Cathrine, Glaive, Koshka, Petal, Ringo, and lastly Saw. Giving the ability to go back and play in the beginning now, what would the meta be?

After a short period of time they started adding more heroes and that’s when I started truly playing VG hardcore. The introduction of new heroes showed that “continuous improvement” was a high priority to the quality aspect of SEMC. This is what sets apart VainGlory from other games. From the beginning, the Devs have continuously shown that they devote quality over quantity to the greatest extent or degree.

At the basics, VainGlory was a simple, strategic, and fun adventure on every match. With the main objective is to join forces with teammates to destroy the enemy Main Crystal (and still is today), there were many factors that effected the course of gameplay. Example: The gold miner used to be capture-able and the minion miner, when captured, used to buff minions in the lane. With the limited In-Game-Communication it made it hard to truly get the full potential out of team strategy. All of these factors led to snowballing and toxic play. For these reasons, we should keep the past in the past!

VainGlory Present

VainGlory, in my opinion, is the BEST mobile MOBA on the market today and it will remain at the top for the foreseeable future.

With E-Sports being their backbone of global competition, you can now make your VainGlory hardcore gaming expirience and transition it into becoming a career. This may not be possible for everyone but It’s still fun to learn from the pros and use their skill to an advantage in your gameplay.

Every new patch contains at least a half dozen new features (such as skins, heroes, game modes, gameplay changes, etc.), bug fixes and some occasional regressions showing that quality and continuous improvement is still at its finest.

Gameplay has changed for the better to reduce snowballing and keeping the heros as balanced as possible cough…baron cough…Grumpjaw. And every new hero gives a new learning curve for each hero.

The one thing I must say…is that the artwork, background art, and concept images are very powerful and visually wonderful! The devs have an amazing ability to make the visual wonders come alive with their E.V.I.L game engine. With every new skin, hero, and update, I have noticed an improvement with Not only visual, but also sound effects as well.

Talents and Brawl modes give the casual gamers a saving grace, given time being a factor/not everyone has 30 mins to play a full ranked match, by using a 10 min match to grind out unlockables. Plus it’s a fun way to enjoy VG without playing a 30 min match.

This is undoubtedly the reasons why they won the “Best Mobile Game” in 2016.

VainGlory Future

5v5 is a huge stepping stone for VG. There is a pattern of “continuous improvement” and quality devotion that SEMC has shown that shows us, from the past to the present, that the future play for 5v5 will be of the same quality as it is now. I’m excited and can’t wait to play 5v5.

Communication is a must change. The works of the quick comments are a good step, but it needs to be better. I have confidence that this will change to meet our needs on the Fold.

SEMC is continuing to grow. I see more and more people enjoying the forums and showing their support by purchasing ICE. We must continue to support SEMC to allow VG to become at full potential.

This has been my expirience playing VG for the past 2 years. I’m curious to know your opinions on these past years by posting your likes, dislikes, and your hopes for the future. Tell some funny things you have seen, show some love, and don’t neglect your loved ones from VG!!