When you're lvl 12 but your ally isn't do you

  • let them last hit minion waves when they’re near?

  • let them last hit jungle monsters?

  • last hit everything yourself still, they can wait.

To me it seems like your support getting an overdrive is likely better than you last hitting it but I’m genuinely asking here. What’s best?


If I’m close to an item that might make a real difference, I’ll take it, but if I’m a ways off, I’ll let them last-hit everything.


jungle monsters yes, minions just clear it… the faster you clear a wave, the sooner you can move to other objectives.

by lvl 12 it would be mid to late game… clearing waves fast is very important.


This is how I’d like to be doing it, but so rarely get a roam who WILL last hit even when I’m pinging, and I never get offered a last hit my by carries…probably cause I’m tier 4 or something.

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I usually still do the last hit if I’m not done building my items, but it all depends on the situation for sure. This one time I had 1/10 health, and the jungler decided to last hit the healing monster, so I had to go back to the base…that kinda triggered me a little, he was full health.

its due to rage pinger’s… i’ve encountered so much RAGE for no aparent reason… i’ll usually start off a healing treant if i see an ally with very little health… but for some reason they just want to port back… maybe they got stuff to buy as well…

i always try my best not to port back, due to the travel time, its time better spent getting exp.

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i have allies who last hit the heal treant when im the jungler while they are on low health which i’m fine with bu they teleport back to base anyway :pouting_cat: maybe it had the same experience

Lol what a waste. I can see how this could also trigger the jungler.

i only let them last hit when i’m full build or if they need a treant. rude, i know, but hey, i’ve met people who trolled bc i took a wave whhen they were lvl 12 full build, so at least i’m not the worst

If I’m full built sure I’ll let someone take all my farm if required. Problem is as a laner I want the gold, I want to see that my good CS equates to an item lead and an advantage.

Jungle is going to be ahead in exp (usually) so the only position lagging is the roam. In this case I can see some merit in them last hitting, but there DMG is so slow it can be troublesome you don’t want to slow wave clears and jungle down as it’ll have a negative impact on your overall gold.

Generally you should let the carriers take the last hits till they are full build. It’s more important for them to maximize damage rather than the roam being level 12.

Provided the roam built into utility and defense properly, the roam’s level and items won’t be as important as your carries making up for the damage that you are not making.

As roam, I offer every last hit to my carry. By the time they are at 12k or so, I start hitting some just to clear wave. Never have that happen to me as a carry though


I always give way to low level teammates, except when i am 1 minion away from an item.