When will i recieved a blueprint

Been playing since 2.12 i still got nothing and because of that i’ll have a lvl. 10 talent for catherine :laughing: srsly though. am i the only one whos experiencing this miserable life lol. (Also anyone know the droprates on blueprints. is it 0.0000000000000001%?)

I received none either.
Finished a lot of quests too

I have yet to receive a blueprint, however I’ve heard of a quite a few people getting multiple epics and rares

I have received a blueprint, kestrel epic skin.

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I tried to open ice vox chest to get his blueprint, but what i got is Kyudo Kestrel blueprint. Lol

I just delete my School Days Joule blueprint by accident and i want it back BibleThump

I just realized this, where are my blueprints? I mean i did that 33% cards thingy, i should’ve got blueprints right?

My Broken Doll Alpha t3 :’^( that happened to me with her…

They are in the skin system you can craft skins with them. Go to the skin page and look for the 33% skins. I crafted 6 legendaries that way.

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Ah right, thanks!
Crafted t2 celeste, t3 vox, and my lovely dd lyra, and 9k essence left

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I just got my first 300 essence from common quest. Aka rare bp…

You’ll certainly get a bp if you do all quest in a week.

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