When the game handicaps you but still win

The ringo went afk for the first 7 minutes and matchmaker decided to match 5 vainglorious players into a team of 3 vainglorious players 1 poa and 1 sa. Lyra is so fun to play this patch.

What cause of the ult change? I haven’t got round do her yet but I really wanna try. Like oh damn I’m in a 1v3? Allow me to YEET, now I’m behind 2 turrets

If you were a 5 stack then the matchmaker assumes the T8 & T9 are smurfs with friends and will consider them to be T10.

They stated this a good while back on a stream I believe.

If you weren’t a 5 stack the it’s the good old mm doing it’s thing :upside_down_face:

Well done on the win either way and I’m keen to know how Lyra is and what you make of the change?

I was in solo queue mate, and Lyra is must pick or ban in my opinion.

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