When I thought POA tier have lesser trolls, boy

How did those trolls even reach poa? Or vaingloriousness?

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Well you got you first 20 games or so boosts plus paid boosting services and self boosting

Finding good players that hard carried them.

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In my experience of progression and ladder climbing, some of the best shit talkers are equally good at playing their respective games.

Dodge to find good players I got super lucky a couple of times and got carried hard by TASA but that only got me up to 2460 and I fell back to 2430, trying to break the 2440 but yes there are too many boosted people and people who surrender too easily.

Legit VG players who soloq TEND to be the most toxic cause they shit talk all the time if they’re one of the toxic t10 players and they “techincally” can shit talk better cause they are t10. t10 silver+ are practically invincible outside of shit talking pros lol. VG bronze is kind of vulnerable even to the mighty POA Gold. They’re like fresh sophmores talking shit about new freshman as if they were not freshman just recently themselves.


People who are toxic like that are good in 10% of cases…

higher tier more salt
jokes on you though, all tiers have trolls. if you think t9/10 will be some glorious paradise you better realize now that that won’t happen

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Poa is one if the most toxic tiers if not the most toxic one. So many people there don’t have basic knowledge of anything and have bad mechanics yet they think they’re gods for being almost at 9/10 rank. I do think it’s way too easy to get there nowadays.


Can i star this? :joy::joy::joy::joy: :star2:
Well here, the best i could find…


Nah it’s just that poa tend to get frustrated more than previous tiers. Everyone is pretty chill until you miss your crucible and then your game turns into a dip into the dead sea.


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