When does vpl start?

Someone within their marketing team has made a big mistake… then again I remain unconvinced that they actually have a dedicated marketing team because they have and continue to make terrible marketing decisions (my partner is in the creative industry so I’ve got some idea how it works).

I suspect they’re in all kinds of trouble now contractually, and it’s probably something they can’t easily extract themselves from because it’s partially of their making.

In short VGL isn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

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You’re completely correct except possibly on two points:

  • I am 99.9% certain they have a marketing team (though I am not sure how many people make up that team and whether that’s their only job)
  • I am 100% certain that this decision was made with the complete approval (if not at the actual direction) of “the founders” – who are widely-known to micro-manage every decision at SEMC

If the latter is true it goes someway towards explaining why it’s such a “cluster f&(£”.

You pay people to do the job they’ve trained for, when tou start involving people who’ve no understanding of marketing, contracts, terms and conditions etc you end up with egg on your face.

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Welp this is truly depressing.

moba without competitive esport is nothing, any moba in any platform… the reason why I played vainglory in the beginning coz of the competitive scene in 3v3… if SEMC doesnt think VPL or similar tournament is important, I will uninstall this game asap :slight_smile:

Now we just wait to see if vpl does actually start on the 30th

Not a chance:

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This is just…this is a sad day for Vainglory esports.

Nah. Esports is a fun and interesting addition to a game, but not ultimately necessary, especially for games the size of Vainglory. In my opinion it’s something that should still be in Vainglory’s future, and definitely should be there eventually, but isn’t required as of yet.

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who did they out source to? is this speculation? I can’t find any information regarding this.


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Google is your friend… it’s not ideal speculation, I obviously don’t understand the details surrounding the outsourcing but it’s common knowledge they outsourced (seee debacle around pay for presenters).



you know what is lacking from VG? loyal players, the source of all problems in VG right now…
For me, esport is neccessary to all competitive games, esport can be an advertisement and motivation too :slight_smile:

I don’t know if anyone posted this or not yet but there ya go. Its meme material.

Ummm … read up 7 messages, maybe? :roll_eyes:

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god, this is really bad. they should have continued their esports deals or at least keep esports in their complete control. they had a working esports scene for one year and it seems we wont get more of it.
they will take another 2 years to rebuild what they took down.