When does vpl start?

When does vpl start? Feels like ages have passed since the preseason.

IIRC, it begins on the 30th due to the registration extension.

Are we sure it’s actually going to happen? I haven’t seen a word about esports from anyone actually involved in esports in months …

I’m more curious about the caster of VPL, sad boy Humanist :sad:


he is better of now at Arena of Valour with consistent payment for his job.


What’s that, can I eat it?

It’s funny because VPL is almost as missing as love is from my life.


Do we know he took a job with them? That’s great for him, if so!

I really don’t know anything, but I read he supposedly switched to AoV elsewhere, too… maybe on reddit? 'felt like head-desking so hard.

Losing one of your trademarks to the competition over 300$, and suffer negative publicity in the process? That’s so god-forsaken stupid, there are not even words.


Just did a quick search of his Twitter feed, and both Humanist AND SuiJeneris were guest casters at the AoV Expo 10 days ago! Looks like he might have a gig (and SuiJ also??) with them!

You’re utterly right, though – what a foolish, shortsighted, dumbass move on SEMC’s part. (And I know Kristian tried to blame it on ESP, but whatever.)

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So vpl starts in all regions on the 30th?

Yes, according to what they’ve briefly said on Twitter

Are there any Esports teams left? I thought they all were kicked out of the leauge

So from what I know SuiJ has been casting AoV for quite some time now, and Humanist was offered a job by AoV in a reply to the tweet he made about not receiving the full amount he was due. Can’t blame AoV tbh Humanist is a grade A caster lol. Not being able to pay the full amount to Humanist may not have been SEMC’s fault but they certainly should have offered a lot to keep Humanist. He’s as iconic to Vainglory esports as the storm queen is to Vainglory.

It’s also looking quite grim right now because Excoundrel isn’t employed by them any more either, and iirc Stress left as well.


Humanist was a phenomenal caster, he was the man who made the games exciting. SEMC really should not have let him go like that to AoV.

what I know now, Humanist started playing AoV right now instead of VG, the worst case is he already uninstalled VG… You know that caster should have a high knowledge of the game he casted :frowning:

Yes I saw him on twitter casting for AoV.

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Excoundrel claimed it is still planned but he doesn’t know when its going to take place.

Yikes. That’s not good. I can’t imagine why any established pro org would want to be involved. I guess they’re hoping to identify up-and-coming teams … but how can anyone make any plans??

Think they’ve made a mistake in sub-contracting out the management of the event.

If your going down the route of outsourcing you need to very clear about what your requirements are and I don’t think SEMC really know what they want.


Agree x 10000. And of course, they’ve let go their entire esports team, so now what do they do?