Wheew Did I Just Have An Epic Match!

Top lane Samuel against Vox. This Vox could not pressure me on his own. His allies and my allies were in brutal battle in mid and bottom lane. They’re trading deaths and kills while me and this Vox are going at it.

Suddenly I guess he summoned help because this Lance comes out of nowhere, but no dice. Couldn’t match my kiting. Held them off until my allies ganked mid turret. Lance has to leave.

So we go round 2 me and Vox and it is STILL not happening. Boom. Suddenly Lance pops in again and I use the turret to force him off while I kill minions so they can’t approach turret. Sucks to be them. My allies get bot turret. Booyah.

Round 3. Vox, Lance, AND Koshka ALL pop out to try to gank top turret. I hold them all off until in the last second with 1/4th turret left my WHOLE TEAM pops out of top lane bushes and begins the most epic team ganking experience I have ever had in a while. Proceeds to gank almost all enemies. We proceed to secure dragon, we proceed to just stomp the enemy for the rest of the match with PERFECT rotation.

Needless to say, most exhilarating match I’ve had in a while. We never lost top baby! Favorite moment was that 3v1 push after my team saved me I ran to turret and taunted while a baron ult exploded INCHES away from me. It was classic. Got 7 thumbs up for my performance too! GG Vainglory! :smile:

Not to mention 0 deaths Whoot!