What's your main 2 roles and 2 mains for each role?

Mine are Laner (2 beefy boi that I suggest to buff all the time) and Support (Ardan and Grace). What are yours?

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Top lane: CP Kestrel CP Joule CP Baptiste.

Bot Lane: Gwen Glaive WP Ozo

Mid: Celeste Adagio

Captain: Grace, Adagio

These are my mains. I play almost all heroes but these the most.


Future reference, posts like this should be kept in Vainglory Discussion

In regard to the post,
Lane - Vox, Gwen, BF (Flex Pick)
Jungle - Alpha, Taka (He’s been banned so long though, I forget if I like him :joy:) , BF (Flex Pick)

My girl Lyra gets a shout out though


You can’t main Alpha she is banned always lmao…

I play every hero, however I am just now really getting into Adagio. I’ve always done Roam or CP. How do you like his WP?

I don’t build him WP ever. His CP healing is too valuable to skip out on imho.

I main mid in soloq and roam when partying up and play jungler only when no one else picks it
Top lane-Rona, Idris, baptiste
Mid lane-Idris, Celeste, Samuel ,varya
Bot lane-Vox, Idris, baron
Jungle-Ozo, krul ,Rona
Roam-Churnwalker, Phinn, Catherine

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Mid lane Samuel. Jungle Reza. Those are my 2 most played positions.

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Captain and Jungler

Cap: Grace and…um…it varies
Jungle: Fort and Tako

My mains vary around each patch. I do not want to see heroes as mains, but instead see them as favorites. My fav heroes, for example, are Fort, Grace, and Tako

I used to be Captain/Jungle but now I’m Captain/Carry.
As Captain: Catherine.
As Carry: CP Adagio.

My primary role is carry as:

Top lane WP joule (though i am willing to go cp as well lol)
Top Lane CP (a tie between) Lorelai, Baron, and kestrel.

Secondary role is Captain as:
Tank cath
Tank Tony (i think its funny lol)

Main role is Captain. I primarily play Flicker, but Churnwalker is up there too.

Secondary role is lane. Idris or Joule fit here.


Mid lane would be my main role, and my main would probably be Varya. My mid lane back ups are Celeste, Vox, or Sam. If I go top or bottom, I play BF or Skye (maybe Gwen). However, Skye is my all around flex pick.

If I go jungle, it’s currently Tony, Taka, or Ozo…or Skye.

If I had my way I’d love to main the Captain role. However, I have a much bigger impact as a carry, then juggler, then as a captain despite that being the position I would most like to play.

Jungler- Blackfeather, Reim
Captain- Grace, Ardan/Adagio
I’ve had to carry a lot since 5v5 but I mostly play BF in lane too.

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Does anyone else play anything and everything because soloQ is hell?

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Yes. Most people don’t pick mid lane, so I normally play that spot. Also, not many people pick Varya, I assume because her early game is so weak (despite her being ridiculous late game).

Otherwise when in doubt I just play Skye, because I’m pretty good with her, and can zone fights and melt. Although, I kinda hate laning with her because I usually go CP.

The only thing I don’t play is Captain, because most carries in solo queue are absolute garbage, and having to clear late game minion waves as a captain is horrid, and I just dont have the damage to help out in a fight, and although I think I make a good support, all body blocking, pealing, healing, and shielding does is encourage shitty players to keep playing shitty.

I don’t have a main role atm, I’ll flex into whatever is needed. There are a few heroes I enjoy playin tho; currently Mostly Idris, Skye, Reza, Flicker and Tony. I’m enjoying playin mobile heroes a lot, being able to kite with the first three is fun.

So right now I’m playing the following:

Top lane - Glaive, Adagio
Midlane - Celeste, Varya (and Kestrel)
Bottom lane - Gwen, Vox (WP)
Roam - Lyra and Churnwalker
Jungle - Fortress, Koshka, glaive (sometimes Tony)

Right now I think fortress, Celeste, Kestrel, lyra and churnwalker are simply to strong for them not to be played them. Fortress has a top winrate, Celeste is a bloody monster as is Kestrel.

Both the roams got a massive buff last patch, especially lyra. The slow on her basic attack is annoying (especially for stealth hero’s), her A got a large buff and her B is very effective vs dive compositions. She’s also a royal pain in the arse to kill…

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Carry: Gwen/Vox (Ringo also, but right now they take precedence)
Captain: Lorelai/Lyra (I like to use Baptiste too honestly)

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Dunno why I’m picking up Tonyport quite well.