What's your dreamjob?

Asking everyone in the off topic group out of curiosity, as there are surely lots of different answers

I have a very long list of things I want to do, but I suppose a dream job is to curate fine art for some sort of gallery or museum. Preferably in a language which isn’t my mother tongue.

Working on my MOBA that comprises of many good elements of the current MOBAs

I don’t know whether this is serious, or you are mocking smec

Are we talking about normal art or modern art?

Dream jobs (in no particular order):

  • Custom home builder
  • Custom furniture maker
  • Ship captain
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Working at SEMC would be cool
Having lots of money so i wouldn’t need a job :stuck_out_tongue:

My dreamjob would be an architect or a doctor and for now thats what im trying to accomplish as a seniorhigh student

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Ruler of Mars

Street Artist
Antarctic Explorer
Mech Warrior Pilot (and builder)

If I combine all of those… I’d be carving out giant Sea Creatures out of glaciers in the Antarctic, using my Mech Warrior :wink:


I wanna be a bioengineer so I can genetically engineer catgirls


i honestly dont know if i have a dreamjob, but something around the field of economics probably? i mean i am going for an accounting business management strand in senior high so i guess maybe business management?? accounting?? just economics??? idk all i want in life is to know i can buy something i want without having to worry about how the cost will affect me

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ABM? STEM numbah wan leeeel

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my ncae results say i could stem but i dont rly want to pursue any sciences (even tho am in regional sci high wkwkwk)

Serious. All MOBAs now have their strengths and weaknesses and I wanna combine their strength to make the perfect MOBA

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There’s no such thing as a perfect MOBA imo.

Cause even the game ain’t bad, the community is gonna ruin it.

Or maybe engineer elves man. The hot ones.

Nah we need Neko Dragon Maids

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Stop right there. Dragon Maids are bad enough on their own, no need to dig their grave and burry them alive