What's the most useless passive in the whole game?

Well, I’d like to know what you think is the most useless passive skill in the game.

Petal. Legit I dont even think there anything that it does besides turn seeds into munions. Totally doesn’t need a rework.


Now that I think about it, I feel like removing her sunlight mechanic all those patches ago was pretty pointless. Her own attack speed was never really a problem and it at least gave her perk something useful…


Adagio’s is pretty pointless. It could just as easily be a part of his gift of fire ability.

Since Petal was already covered next would be Celestes perk
Otheer than troll builds you wont find many people incorporating that basic attack just so they can have vision on the enemy

Also every mage gets that cp basic attack ratio split so i cant even say she really have a perk



Perk doesn’t improves crit dmg, it just gives one crit after killing something. It’s mega useless after early game, since as game progresses objectives/ pvp is more important.

This is for hero perks but can we talk about how useless kensei’s B passive is? Who stands perfectly still to get fortified health from kensho? why does it immediately decay when you move? Wouldn’t it make more sense to charge fortified health and then decay after a few seconds? It’s a useless mechanic.


Yeah, as of now it’s only useful vs Ringo ult.

Forfeited health/sec on Kensei’s B ability is the most useless thing in the game.


They should change the passive effect of that skill

The truth is, although I love Kensei, they should fix it as soon as possible and change it to what you said, that you get fortified health even if you move around and the level of fortified health drops little by little, but something tells me that SEMC prefer money to listening to the opinions of their most loyal players.

English only here, please.

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I’m Spanish, and using a special translator, I automatically translated the message, I’m sorry.
I already corrected the error.


And what about making it so he gets all the FH instantly so it can truly be used as a way to stop an incoming attack and then counterattack yourself? It’s what it is supposed to do but… in the current state doing so is a waste in most cases.


Even better than in the previous case, but I don’t think they’re willing to change it.

This isnt the first that this was brought up. It probably was a feature in the pbe and got nerfed to oblivion.

Nope, every time kensei is discussed I say it, and as me, other players too. Sadly, doesn’t matter how many times we say it SEMC won’t change it. I doubt it was like that on the PBE though, if it was they would have said it in one of the many comments requesting for it.

Ringos is definitively most useless. If you don’t have reflexes and munions to capitalize on, you never use it. At least petal’s seeds have vision and can be spammed in a minefield, and even Adagio’s perk makes him less energy item reliant if you manage your A’s and basics properly.