What's the most exclusive badge you have?

I saw an old thread about getting some rare badge or other, and I was wondering what people have that’s as close to exclusive as possible? +10 bragging

I have Raiders of the Lost Forums with 13 others, and Respected with 28 others.


Out of Love - 7 others. However, I was the first and I was alone for two weeks.
Raiders of the Lost Forums - 13 others.
Popular Link - 21 others but only 15 unique users have obtained it, including myself.
Respected - 27 others.
Gives Back - 35 others.
Licensed - 37 others.

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i have respected which is with only 27 others so maybe someone has been unrespected.

the sad bit is that my next one is gives back and only 35 other people have it. give back people smh

teach me how to leave love :kissing_cat:

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I’m all out - I gave it all to @dream

Just find someone worth giving it to

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:crying_cat_face: @borb where

I have none :eyes:

I was there in the old forums right before it died but I kinda cut myself off from the VG social community until around july.

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You’re in a fairly exclusive group with this one! :heart:


I have Emphatic which only 4 other have as well.

I have Good Topic with 17 others as well. Im new so idk other badges. Lol

I have Out of Love, Gives Back, Higher Love, which only two other people have, and Empathic.
And speaking of the Empathic badge, does it count liked pms? If it doesn’t, then I have absolutely no idea how I got it.

My boi @DIMTI got Regular and I still don’t even have it da hecc :pouting_cat:

@NinjaBryden ahahaha member you nooby nooob