What's the deal with Varya?

Everyone I’ve spoken to about her seems to rank her so highly amongst mid laners and say she does an unbelievable amount of damage into the late game but I never see that. I’ve tried her out on many occasions now and just can’t see that sort of ‘insane’ damage on her 20+ minutes into the game. The best time I’ve found for her is when she has 2 damage items at around 10 mins when her perk AA deals amazing damage, but VGPRO and other players all seem to say that that is her weakest point. I don’t ever use her abilities in teamfights except her B because they just take too long to cast and are so easily dodged.

I typically buy AC, DE, BM, SF and then defence and boots and I always win lane and early game but it’s weird that when I play her she always falls off in the late game.

Well I’m gonna assume that you use her B for mostly dashing so:

To make the best of Varya you have to chain her abilities together. When a teamfight is about to start use your Ult and couple it with your dash. This means you get your ult off and you have the insane damage from your B’s second dash (assuming that the first dash doesn’t hit anyone). You can couple your dash with a spear to top it off as well which around this time you should have about 8 stacks of DE. Her AA’s aren’t the main stacking source for your DE but her abilities are instead. Once your abilities are all over you should be shredding anything that isn’t super tanky (you might even end up shredding them as well) with your AA’s. Throw a spear every time you use your dash to maximize damage. She isn’t particularly good at killing people in 1v1’s unless fed, but she shines super well in late game teamfights of any kind. She has her place in the midlane meta by being an AA focused stacking mage.


Varya has higher skill floor than other mid laners and isn’t very easy to play so maybe that’s it.

Not using Varya spears

This makes me a sad lightning :b: oi.

Varya is a hybrid mage. As in, she has multiple ways of dealing damage to people (well), whether it be AAs, long range skill shots or global lock on thunder strikes. What’s important on Varya is to be able to use all of them to keep your DE stacks up.

The main advantage Varya has compared to other standard mid laners other than good AAs is her aggressive potential. At level 2, with CP buff, you can tap dash B - AA - A and casually chunk a Celeste’s health. This does leave you vulnerable to ganks but it will also traumitise your opponents.
Once you hit two damage items, that combo can 100->0 a squishy if you hit the A.