What your thoughts about the new recall

I like that now every tier after T6 has a new recall for the hero (all I assume will be same ).
I wonder do any of the other game have something similar to this or is it unique to vg?
I also want to know if T10 can choose a T7 or T8 recall

Really nice that they’re implementing this. Players now have more reason to rank up and get good at the game

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Sorry for asking stupid question but what does recall exactly does? I read the patch but i am still confused…

It visually changes the way you port back home.

Idk what to think, I think it’s a cool idea, but the one I’ve saw was ugly IMO.

The thing is, this will always be personal. Same with skins, some prefer rare skin over legendary for X hero.

Btw, in before recalls are a payed option like the skins. :smiley:


Oh… okay… it’s different for every heros?

where’s the source? link please?

Only particle effects. No animation changes.

It was mentioned in the new update notes: https://www.vainglorygame.com/news/update-3-4-summer-season-burst-foes-kinetic/#Recall


thanks, I was unaware there’s was an updated 3.4 notes.
This one was released june 10th… the one i was looking at was released june 9th

Nop, it’s the same for every one, the one I saw just adds more particles.

Yes, but I was expecting them to be different, not just more particles. I think I will still have the default one.

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Oh, really? Was it an earlier version of the 3.4 Update Notes, or the Hero and Item Balance Changes: https://www.vainglorygame.com/news/update-3-4-hero-item-balance-changes/

yep, it’s that one. I didn’t keep up with the latest news, that’s all. I don’t think they released it twice.

Cool, cool. If it was an earlier version of the update notes, then it would mean the editorial team has… A LEAK. :ozo:

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Oh okay. Thanks

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