What would you do with hero design if this game was yours

I’m not talking about balance but I’m talking about hero kit and general. What would you do?

My favorite idea while thinking: Joule:

Now her mech his a vehicle that another ally can jump on and be its gunner. Each person will have their own set of skills while on her mech.


Perk: Heavy Plating.

A: Rocket Leap.

B: Rocket Charge: Joule charges her mech forward in a straight line, knocking back and stunning the first enemy hero she hits.

C: Thunder Strike.

Gunner seat:

Perk: Purifier Laser: basic attacks will now be a laser beam that deals rapid CP. DPS is calculated by multiplying attack speed with damage and damage is dealt every 0.1s.


The gunner detach the laser firing drone out to fire basic attacks at enemies. The drone can’t be destroyed but after its health bar has been drained, it will return to Joule’s mech.

B: Kinetic Plating:

Upon activating, her mech will gain a health barrier. Any damage to this barrier will increase the damage of Big Red Button.

Ult: Big Red Button


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While where at it let’s introduce the Metamorese Art of Fusion in the game too

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