What would you do in this situation

If you are playing as a carry and there is a teamfight away from your lane in early game would you rather stay at your lane kill some minions and gain gold or leave the lane to the teamfight if it was close or far from you ??

another situation i want to ask about is it practical to go for ghostwing or blackclaw if the other team members are alive ?

if you are mid, you can move to either side, if necessary (using the river buff).
if not, stay in your lane.
if your enemy laner is still there, stay in your lane.

what you can try out is this:
go in a bot match, move with a hero without boots to a side lane and then measure the time it takes to move to the opposing side.
its going to be long.

you can go for a dragon, if you know where the enemy team is and you know that they dont have vision on them (use a flare to check). otherwise, only use them to bait the enemy into attacking you.

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Push your lane.

Laners should generally just stick to their lane in the early game to get your farm, protect your turret, and take enemies. You can’t do any of those I’d you are moving all around the map.

If you’re playing top lane and it’s 4v3 on the bottom lane just push.

it depends on what the enemy is doing as well. a jungle fight early game can really sway things in favor of whoever comes out on top.

there’s about a whole 10-15 seconds before jungle spawn and you can reach the enemy jungle quite quickly and gank if you’re brave enough and have teamwork…

I really push for this tactic but alas, not many are brave enough to follow me into the depths of enemy territory.

if there’s at least 1 or 2 other heroes jungle invading, join in and then go back into lane. even 1 or 2 shots of something will help them out.

Just be map aware at all times and don’t get caught out.

going for ghostwing and blackclaw if everyone is alive requires split pushing and maybe a semi - team fight to fool them… otherwise it’s just a bloodbath of everyone trying to get the dragons.

If the fight is far away it’s best to stay in your lane to prevent split pushing if an important objective is not on the line. If it is an early jungle fight nearby I’d say approach it cautiously and wait until you can push an advantage as those fights swings games heavily on the victor’s favor.

I never leave my lane unless i can take jungle camps. I dont even go for teamfights. The only teamfights i participate in are when opps come to gank me lol or if theyre trying to take our camps.