What streamers do you guys watch?

Just curious if my streamers align with my fellow forumers or not :hugs: It doesnt matter if they’re Twitch, Mobcrush, Omelt, or whatever!

Shameless self-promotion - but give me a chance to be added to your list, peoples! I’m just getting started, but I’d like to explore streaming more.

Lebatron on both Twitch and Omlet. And help me grow my Twitter? Pwease. :pleading_face:

As to the answer to your question, I’ll take brief glances at Maxman. I’ll hang out for a bit watching XenoTek as well. I like his mostly positive atmosphere.


Smh I already have you on my list :rage:

Is VG related streamers the only streamers you watch?

I love watching LoL and variety streamers and I would recommend Shiptur for his positivey and Dyrus for a late night relaxing stream!

I watch L3oN, Maxman, Lebatron, DecaOnYourScreen, BRUCE_OP, i_Am_GrOOt, theJoK3r_VG.

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I also watch L3on. And @RiseChu, i know you watch me! Many thanks. It was more of a call to others here :smile:

I have watched a few life broadcasts of some OWL and LoL pro play. Very fun!


I don’t watch live streams that often, mostly because despite the fact that I have all of the time in the world to do whatever I want, I don’t want to watch live streams as they are too long, even though one YouTuber I watch sometimes makes 1+ hour video series whenever he ain’t doing FE:Heroes videos, and before becoming an FE:H whale, his 1+ hour video series were much more frequent, but I very infrequently watch RTGame, Quickybaby, Circonflexes, SirFoch, and Lu Bu Feng Xian, the latter being the 1+ hour video making, FE:H whale I was talking about earlier.


Thats understandable. I usually watch streams or listen while Im doing something and only at night is the time that I can visually watch a stream.


I don’t watch vainglory streams like before , but I watched all vainglory streamers , sometimes I like to watch even low tier streams because I like to see how they play .

I watch just chatting on twitch from time to time , but if new game come I watch top streams otherwise back to just chatting , I have a lot of favorite streamers list I watch them from time to time playing different games .

Is it sad that i stopped watching any Vg streamer ? I hope on some streams to say hi every once in a while and end up leaving 5 minutes later.

I don’t watch Twitch as much as I did, and when I do, it’s exclusively Overwatch League.

For the longest time, I used to watch PistachiBow, a variety streamer from England who’s absolutely fantastic.

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l3on, xeno and dnzio. :slight_smile: (vg related, otherwise the list is long and mostly hardware related :smiley: )

You watched me once :heart: :smiley:



I cant make it this time :adagio:

I watch Dnzio like daily, and I’ll catch Xeno and L3on when I can.


Welcome back :easter_happy_1:

On the note of your streamers, I really havent been able to catch DNZio. I occasionally watch Maxman and Xeno but thats when Im feeling to watch Vg.