What should taka rework be? ( Suggestion for SEMC to see)

There been a lot of people saying that taka is going to get a rework such as changing his ultimate into another skill.
An idea from me is that we change his ultimate into a skill shot like shooting a surriken and if it hit a hero, it can X retsu it and if the surriken misses, the cool down is decrease to half but the X retsu does more damage.
Basically, taka is a hero that can go to the back line and kill carries. With the change to making it into a surriken, captains and body block it so it cannot reach the carries or jungler. What you guys suggestions?

Taka is fine, I don’t know where youre getting the info from, despite being point and click, hes countered by vision, he’s predictable and squishy, if he’s getting a rework, Id think about changing X Retsu to be a dash similar to Shen’s dash from LoL

They should get rid of his CC immunity with Kaiten, and lower his healing to 15%. His kit is way too loaded and his cool down build is pure cancer.

Taka is not fine in 5v5. He has way too much utility. I’ve seen multiple games where he could simply run around the Vain crystal late game with a cool down build against 4 people and rinse and repeat Kaku and heal and Kaiten to avoid CC.

His cool down build is basically a utility exploit.

Taka to a lot of people is very broken and with the new spell fire, it’s become more brolen

Then people will just first A and then C - 99% hit and more dmg.