What mostrosity has SEMC become?

So I came back to VG after a good 1 month worth of break and boy I don’t even know where to begin…

So the UI even though much better than the old UI is still kind of bland and seem like trying really hard to become ML.

  1. Jockstick controls tried it didn’t really like it that much because Touch is obviously better than joystick #touchisgood. I mean yes comparitively it better than ML and HE joystick even though i feel joystick doesnt work too well it most hero that isn’t WP.

  2. The new rewards are just so bad I don’t even understand why they would change it so that you get all the stuff at the end of the season making grind not worth even and now battle pass worth Ice is more salt on players wounds.

I have said this that they should scrap the Sunlight system and make into battle pass completely free for players. IT has decent drops and worthwhile to grind (with lower Ice amount of course).

feels like its become

There are new end of season rewards.

So you are complaining about more rewards? You are complaint about a battle pass you can grind for that gives you more rewards? Why remove sunlight?


Touch is superior as always.
Rewards is fine for me i just got redemtion ardan on a quest chest. I was quite shook so …instacraft…


even “rewards” and “battle pass” is complained… i don’t really get it…

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Neither do I some people are just not happy with anything unless it is handed to them with no effort


Are you seriously complaining about extra rewards being piled ontop of the original rewards? They are handing out so much for a season combining standard sunlight rewards, battle pass, and the new end of seasons rewards.

I guess now I have seen everything.


Nah. Battle pass is good. It’s a good way for SEMC to make money, and is an added bonus for sunlight rewards. Don’t Remove sunlight, on the contrary, bring back daily chests that level with it rather than the crappy free chests we have at the moment. (I haven’t yet read the changes they’re making to season rewards, so if that’s part of it, excuse my lack of knowledge)


they arent making the daily chests better, but holy *** the end of season rewards are so good now. You get like 10+ skins/blueprints and keys when the season ends if you are level 50


??? complaining about rewards ??? whaaaaaaa ???

Semc is veeeery slooowly becoming better at the rewards thing, same with the UI (maybe use a sort of theme rotation to go with what group a hero is in, examples would be a rustic theme to go with gythian heroes, the theme we have now for sci-fi, a magic one for mages with no allegiance, electricity for stormguard, etc.)

i just wish they would actually fix their network code and lag issues


So giving more to players is bad to you? There’s still the rewards you get throughout the grind plus now better payout rewards, that’s awesome


Ringo feels so good with Joystick tho.

Redemption is the Legendary, right? I got it from the same thing, plain chests OP.

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