What kind of punishment do you think someone should get instead of LPQ?

I think that a good punishment would be the player needs to win 5 games in bot mode before he can play pvp again. That way, the player is force to not troll for 5 games, which might make him learn his lesson, or just quit lol.

What do you guys think a good punishment would be?


Lpq is fine. It actually scales up very quickly


bot games? they are a joke.
they will just waste time and lpq does that already.
better would be:
first time no rank and just casual or brawl
second time just brawl.
you need a certain small number of upvotes and a not so small number of games you have to finish without a downvote.
every downvote adds two more games.


jokes on you I only play brawl anyway.

and you’re insane if you think you can finish a brawl game with no downvotes. SOMEONE’S SALTY. IT’S A RULE.


They gotta fix the game and make clear instructional tutorials before issuing punishments.

3.0 created all kinds of havoc.

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then make it two. but anyone using them too often will render his downvotes useless anyway and the real troll problem is in ranked. you can do whatever you want in brawl, who cares about that p2w mess?

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Then why even suggest it as a solution? As you said, p2w nonsense. It’s not gonna teach them anything with just 2 games, either. Trolls are gonna keep trolling, forcing them to play matches or locking them out of the game is just going to cause them to troll more in the garbage system, ruining the modes that some people actually like. Don’t send your ranked garbage to me just because you don’t want them in your games.

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i play all modes, as probably the majority of the players do, so that point of yours is useless.
the idea of locking players out of ranked has two purposes. first, they cant troll in ranked games for awhile and second, they can prove that they can actually behave in the other game modes. the 2 was referring to two downvotes, not two games btw.

if they have to get a certain amount of upvotes to get back to ranked as well, it will teach them sth. you wont get upvotes by being a troll.

i personally would make some changes to the upvote system ( and great karma) as well, but i would take what i can get.

lpq isnt teaching anything as well, so how would you keep people from trolling in the game? because just giving up is going to lose semc some players and keep scratching on their reputation.

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Ah ok, that makes more sense, but I still don’t think it’ll teach them anything. I imagine the ones who troll like what you guys are thinking of don’t care about ranked in the first place, and are probably on smurfs, or have backup accounts. Essentially banning them from the system WOULD do for that person, but it doesn’t solve the fact that there will always be trolls. It is a patch, not a permanent fix.

So we’re back to OP then.

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I think that it should be a combination of what we have now and being blocked from playing game modes.

For example.

A player with 3 3 minute LPQ timers not only has to sit through the timer, but is also blocked from playing ranked modes.

Playing brawl modes does not count towards taking you out of LPQ in this system, only by playing full 3v3 or 5v5 casual matches count. If you play brawl modes you will have to sit through the LPQ timer everytime until the conditions of release are met.

This coupled with being unable to log out like we cutrently have for LPQ players should probably ne enough to deter most players from trolling.

On top of all of this I would also like seeing full bans on players, on a scale for repeat offenders.

So the full system would look like this:

All players will be warned once before first offence status.

First offense: Locked from ranked with three 3 min LPQ timers.

Second offense: three 10 minute timers.

Third offense: 1 day ban from the game with 5 10 minute timers after 24 hours.

4th offense: 1 week ban from play, returning with five 15 minute timers.

5th offense: Permanently banned account.

All of this with a better detection system should be able to curb trolls rather quickly.

Offenses could be reset every month for each player with problem players being on a watch list to prevent abuse of the system. For example trolling just enough to get minor punishments and not trolling for the rest of the month to avoid more severe consequences.

Thats my idea anyways.


I think instead of LPQ they should loose glory. Low priority que just discourages players from playing the game since they’re literally not allowed to play and will end up leaving. I think loosing glory will make them loose access to talents and heroes (since they’re not able to afford as quickly) and will feel more left out instead of not wanted.

wut no, some people have 120k plus glory so troll 4 days, and some people have irl issues to deal with and losing something that is kinda grindy would turn people away


Make them play casuals.
Tho I want there to be something that doesn’t allow people to play the hero they just bought in a ranked game. Because currently, trolls aren’t affecting my games as much as people who aren’t experienced with a particular hero do.
I know that there is no ranked mode now, but I’ve had enough experience in 3v3, once I added a guy to flame him (only once ok) and his excuse was “bro it was my first game as alpha”…
Like, once you buy a hero, make it so that you have to play atleast 5-6 casuals with that hero before you can play him/her in ranked.

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Any punishment relating to down voting is susceptible to abuse far greater than the offense.

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What about a system that rewards players that behave properly for example after X amount of honors you get a 25% glory boost or an increased blue prints drop rate it would encourage players not to be toxic.

that depends.
what needs to happen is a change to the votes, that makes them much stronger, but you prevents you from spamming them.

sth like, everytime you downvote someone together with a teammate for the same reason, your downvotes carry more strength and everytime you downvote someone alone, it wont do anything, if an automatic troll detection didnt pick up anything. if you are in a duo q, your downvotes have a reduced effect. if you are in 5v5, 3 downvotes are necessary to do the same.

the downvote for unskilled play doesnt count.

that could work, but it needs a few extras.
upvotes from teammates only count as half
you have to upvote other players a few times as well, to get the reward.

LPQ needs a ban from ranked play on top of it.

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unskilled play has already been confirmed to just make your future downvotes less effective

i know. i dont get why it is still in there, its part of the reason why people no longer trust the downvote system.

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I like it, but this bit could present an issue.

I know I’ve bought heroes after I know I’m good at them, or like to play them. (Grace, Adagio, Kestrel) I played many matches with these heroes while they were free for the week, to make sure I was buying someone I would play. In the case of Kestrel, I had to make a new account after hiatus but had OWNED Kestrel on the old one, so I knew I was decent at her. I agree with the sentiment, but I don’t think this particular thing would help much.