What Is Your Favorite Historical Time Period?

You aren’t limited to one historical period, nor do you have to explain your choices. It can also be as specific as the Battle of Thermopylae, as broad as the Cold War, or as recent as the Age of the Internet.
For me, The Three Kingdoms era is my favorite time period, but it’s mostly because I grew up playing Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends. Another favorite of mine is World War II, as it’s the largest war in history. I also like the tanks and firearms of that period.

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  • Architecture: Gothic period (esp. 11th - 13th centuries in France)
  • Art: Impressionist period (19th century)
  • History: Tudor period in England (15th - 17th centuries)
  • Military: 2nd World War
  • Science: Space Race (1950’s-1970’s)

It’s honestly a hard one to put a finger on and answer as my “favorite”… I am just going to out and say I don’t have a specific favorite because my appreciations are rather eclectic. I hate to be so vague and to give such a terrible answer but it’s the truth.

Art wise, I’m a sucker for the Romanticism and Renaissance period, much more the former, by far, though Impressionist too was a great time. The work of the pre-Raphalite Brotherhood is also wonderful… As is the Late Baroque movement. It’s so difficult to staple it down, so, say most work between the Medieval period to around the 1930s. There are obviously exceptions both before, during and after this stretch of time, such as neo-expressionism and dystopian surrealism.

The Romanticism movement also happens to have some of favorite authors, and literary pieces. Moving down the line: Realism, Postmodernism, Modernism and, to be super particular, Cosmicism - though I’m just a sucker for the grand.

I’m not really well versed in point-blank History, or Military, though my inner weeb both denies itself and embraces the fact that I believe the Eastern ways are more interesting than the things I know of the Western. I’ve always taken an interest in the lifestyle and philosophies of Samurai.

Architecture is a tricky one as I’m more familiar with styles over periods, though, it’s a toss because I’m a huge fan of more modern, simplified architecture and interior decorating, but on the other hand I am as much a fan of the Renaissance, the Gothic, the ornate. When the two clash I love it. If I had to choose what to live in, I’d probably say an older period of architecture with a hyper-modern minimal interior.

Musically, I retract back to my first statement because I just love music, but music made in modern day has always enticed me over those prior to my birth and the first decade of my life. I have no preference to one over the other but the vast majority of the music I listen to is ‘newer’, i.e. 2000s +. Again, with exceptions.

I hate having to dance around how I word things so I don’t give off impressions that there may be something I don’t like, or, didn’t mention when listing the things I enjoy… I find it frustrating. I hope I answered you well.

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The Viking Age (793–1066 AD)

Planck epoch From the start to 10−43seconds after the Big Ban


the 21st century because it’s the only one that has Vainglory, the MOBA perfected for touch, available to download for free on the AppStore and Google Play


I’d have to say prehistoric bikini bottom…

In all seriousness I’d have to say the era of the Roman Empire I guess. Pretty cool stuff to learn about in history and Greek mythology was neat Gods can be so petty smh


Here that @god ninjabryden thinks you are petty

Favorite pseudo-historical time periods:

and of course:


Did you say something about OUR MAN TOM BOMBADIL?

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Any time period before wide spread communications technology is most intriguing to me. Mostly because of the way they determined fact from fiction. Who lied and who told the truth using seals, hand written notes, he said, she said and all the evidence collection.

It separated the good and the bad. who’s word’s had more weight and who got caught in conspiracies. Reading people’s faces. Their body language. Spying on them to catch them lieing. Sometimes just the look in their eyes to determine the emotions he’s going through. or that family heir loom that proves his identity. secrets that only certain groups would know…

it all makes for some really great drama and a heightened sense of justice.

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