What is Tony in Sovereigns Rise? [3.7]

A fullhearted discussion on Tony is needed.
What is your experience ? How you like to bulid?
What can Tony do? Is he viable? Viability in solo q?
Pros and Cons? Suggested builds? Synergies with?
All what we can think just type here.
Also counters and better alternatives.

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Tony is the go to jungler in this meta, he’s tanky, full of reliable cc and has great synergy with pulsweave. The most comon build is spellsword into pulsweave then all defense.

Tbh I forgot Tony existed for a bit. I haven’t seen him a single time in at least two updates, even tho he’s an interesting hero and not too hard to play. I have been meaning to pick him up, but then someone else looks more interesting every time. I’ll make a note to play him next game and then get some feedback.

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With the re-emergence of TrashJaw, Tony has seen a great decrease in ranked play. However, with his counters banned, he fits well into the meta as an A-tier jungler pick.

I’m not a great jungler after T9, so I’ll spare my take on strategy. However, he synergizes well with trick shot heroes such as Celeste or Skaarf, given his reliable and consistent stun.

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Ok, feedback is here. Tony is a legend when played well.

Tony is top meta at least at bootleg t10(ie bronze). But if he does bad early and mid game he is one of the weakest characters.